Lolly cake

joojanna, Nov 30, 12:24am
could anyone please tell me if there are any gelatin free lollies I can use in lolly cake I used to use Fruit puffs but haven't seen them around for years and so started using eskimos but they have gelatin in and my granddaughter is vegetarian so she wont eat it, thanks

standard, Nov 30, 1:22am
I got fruit puffs at New World last week.

joojanna, Nov 30, 2:46am
ok. thanks for that. don't suppose you know if they have gelatin in, it's years since I used them and I didn't have a vegetarian granddaughter then

kaddiew, Nov 30, 2:59am
According to the ingredient list here, they do contain gelatine:

daarhn, Nov 30, 3:03am
If you go to my thread. Krishna Foodies & other Religious Followers, post 3 will give you a link for hidden animal ingredients in places you would least expect. Pass onto your Grand daughter, lots of products with hidden animal additives

mousiemousie, Nov 30, 5:30am
You could try these guys. . They don't have eskimos or fruit puffs but you could make one with their marshmallows.

daarhn, Nov 30, 8:59am
oh and the butter, malt biscuits, and condensed milk all contain animal products.

maynard9, Nov 30, 7:59pm
I was thinking that also - what alternatives are going to be used for them.

I made Lolly Log for the first time in at least a decade and left in the fridge to thank son for house sitting last week. He sent me a txt to voice his absolute delight at being transported back to childhood.

Considering he is nearly 30 that is a real trip back in time - but I was thrilled he appreciated it so much.

donnabeth, Dec 5, 1:35am
I found fruit puffs at New World, but bought the last packet, and resorted to Eskimos for the second log. The fruit puffs stayed firmish, while the Eskimos turned marshmallowy. I also hadn't made it since my kids were little and watched their eyes light up, especially SIL. I don't recall it being soooo sweet. The first log, I assumed I'd done something wrong, so with the second, I followed the recipe exactly. Even my ultra sweet toothed husband couldn't eat it. Maybe next time only half the lollies.

cgvl, May 10, 5:04pm
its also lovely with liquorce allsorts in it.

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