Xmas fruit cake

Wanted receipes e.g fruit slice etc

Chef_katie232, Mar 21, 4:44 pm

For a cake? Or slice? Or ways to use a fruit cake in a slice?

Chef_books4nz, Mar 23, 11:29 pm

Ways to use the fruit cake, slice or fruit squar

Chef_katie232, Mar 25, 8:06 pm

Bombe Alaska using pieces of Christmas cake is yummy and impressive if having guests.

Chef_gayle6, Mar 26, 5:42 pm

There are two recipes for Russian slice in the links below, you use cake crumbs in the fillin.
http://www.food.com/recipe/russian-slice-23845 http://www.familyoven.com/recipe/russian-slice/82203

Chef_nauru, Nov 25, 1:05 pm