Secret to a dark fruit cake?

trah, Dec 1, 9:27pm
Is there a secret to getting a really dark fruit/xmas cake? (apart from burning it, that is!)Mine never seem to be as dark as the fruit cakes you sometimes get.

cgvl, Dec 1, 9:48pm
brown sugar or what is called burnt sugar and a mix of golden syrup and baking soda. ( has less eggs though)
My recipes all state burnt sugar but I don't do this (it is putting sugar into a warm oven until it starts to caramelise or go black.
One of my other very expensive but very yummy xmas cakes has chocolate in it which makes it darker. I use the dark 70% chocolate.

also the amount of fruit can make a difference

shop-a-holic, Dec 1, 11:07pm
I use Muscovado Sugar, which you can buy at good supermarkets. Chelsea have just released a dark brown sugar but it is lighter in colour and they have written on the packet "Muscavado-style". I'll just go and check the brand.

geldof, Dec 2, 12:41am
add some gravy browning.It is tasteless and often used for colouring.

rkcroft, Dec 2, 1:18am
I use a little cocoa, muscovado sugar and a little grated chocolate.Can't taste the chocolate, but my cake is lovely and dark.

gardie, Dec 2, 2:53am
Good quality cocoa works a treat -just a 1/4 cup mind.

trah, Dec 2, 8:14am
Thanks people.I think I will try the cocoa trick!

thejewellerybox, Sep 23, 6:03pm
GUiness helps too.