Orange essence

jonnynotions, Apr 17, 9:25pm
does anyone have any recipes using orange essence that they wouldn't mind sharing? We bought some intending to make icecream, but now not sure if that will work so want to know what else we could use it for? thanks in advance

petal1955, Apr 17, 9:38pm
Its great as a flavouring in custard with Apple crumble or any other hot pudding

nzhel, Apr 18, 1:35am
Icing on a banana or vanilla flavoured cake. It could be nice for chocolate cake icing to make a jaffa flavour. Even say choc chip cookies could be nice using orange essence instead of vanilla.

jonnynotions, Apr 18, 4:39am
cool, thanks for the ideas :)

tramore, Apr 18, 7:10am
pop a little in the custard for a different flavour! In any cakes or muffins or banana cake, pikelets etc

wildflower, Oct 2, 4:02pm
Yep orange choc chip biscuits or muffins sound divine!

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