Relish makers?

Do you always leave your tomatoes in the brine for the full 24 hrs.

Chef_mercury14, Mar 23, 10:41 am

no, I don't brine tomatoes at all. I simmer the juices down to intensify the flavors. What recipe are you following.?.

Chef_pickles7, Mar 23, 11:02 am

No brining in my relish recipes either.

Chef_deanna14, Mar 23, 11:05 am

Cool thanks, I always follow a receipe that I was given years ago, we love it and so do others we have given it to.
No more brining for me then.
This is it. although I don't follow the amounts given.
12 large tomatoes
4 large onions
handful of salt leave 24 hrs
Drain then add
Vinegar 1 pint or enough to cover
5 chillies
1lb brown sugar
Simmer 1 1/2 hrs
then add

1tablespoon mustard,1 tablespoon curry powder and flour mixed with extra vinegar to thicken, cook for about 5 mins or so taste and adjust to suit.

Chef_mercury14, Mar 23, 11:19 am

I would not brine those ingredients at all, myself. Good luck with it, adjust the method on your recipe if you are happy with the change.

Chef_pickles7, Mar 23, 11:40 am

Come to think of it, I once read that brining was to kill the bugs in cabbage, collie etc. In the past before all the pesticides that are used by some people these days. Guess it's just a hangover from them and habit now.
Not any more.

Chef_mercury14, Mar 23, 11:52 am

Really? Never had them in brine at all, never mind 24 hrs.
Just chop them up and in the pot with everything else.

Chef_lythande1, Mar 23, 2:03 pm

Practically the same recipe I use. I also leave the cut up tomatoes and chopped onions with 1tblsp salt sprinkled over and left over night. then drain the juice. Then add rest of ingrediants. Never fail and been using this method for 18 years.

Chef_susieq9, Mar 23, 9:22 pm

Looks similar to the Edmonds book relish.

Chef_books4nz, Mar 23, 11:15 pm

If youve been making a recipe for all that time and its a success and your family like it why change now. Personally i have never brined tomatoes and each year make heaps of relish, pasta sauce etc. Each to their on.

Chef_fifie, Mar 25, 11:54 am

I made some with brining and some without. Without a doubt I'd go for the brined tomatoes every time. I thought the non-brined relish was more watery and less flavoursome. That is just my opinion. I drained most of the liquid from the brined tomatoes or the relish would have been too salty. I also like the time gap. I could prepare it and get out all the jars and lids ready for the next day, and when I was refreshed after to night's sleep, do the cooking, sterilising of jars and lids and bottling up. It didn't seem like such a big process then.

p.s. I like to make several dozen at a time.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 25, 1:27 pm

Made a green tomato relish recently and recipe instructions were to brine for 8 hours or overnight Mine got left for nearly 24, but knew that wouldn't hurt. Turned out quite delicious, was very pleased. A recipe from the NZ Herald Bite magazine.
However, if making relish with ripe tomatoes, seem to remember I peeled them, so doubt would have brined there.

Chef_nruter, Mar 25, 8:35 pm

The brining removes water, which makes the relish keep better and concentrates the flavour. You can do the same with much longer cooking but its simpler and better to use the brining, it works by osmosis.

Chef_harriss, Apr 8, 7:31 pm

I brine mine as I remove the liquid not for 24 hours just overnight

Chef_northcat, Apr 8, 7:59 pm

I just soak for two mins in hot water and remove the skins then cook, then add mustard etc before finishing off.

Chef_joybells2, Apr 9, 2:50 pm

always used to brining method.

Chef_zappi, Apr 9, 2:57 pm

I use to leave them over night with salt But last week did another recipe from an old Church Recipe Book and it worked well. It's for me time dependant. If I am doing 100 other things which I normally am all at once leave them but if ok time wise it's a sort of either I also have a marmalade recipe that doesn't require leaving . personal choice I guess :)

Chef_anne1955, Apr 9, 5:28 pm

yes I think it is been making it for 40 years wouldn't change it,

Chef_boop2, Apr 10, 7:42 pm

No brining or skinning

Chef_rainrain1, Apr 11, 8:13 am

I use both methods though the brining is less watery with better flavour, also the ingredients keep their shape which is good for platters the unbrined relish is better for sandwiches.

Chef_arielbooks, Oct 17, 6:17 am

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