Add gelatine to cream

to make whip cream stay firm I believe you add gelatine .How would you dissolve the gelatine Would you had boiling water and then add to the cream before whipping it

Chef_heathermay1, Jun 9, 10:59 am

heathermay1, we very rarely have cream so I certainly haven't ever added gelatine to retain whipped cream's firmness; however if I did want to do so I think I would (and hopefully this would work) swell/soften the gelatine in a little cold cream, then gently warm the swelled/softened gelatine, just until the gelatine was dissolved and if necessary allow it to cool a little before adding it to the being-whipped cream. Personally I think it would be best to avoid adding any water.

Hope that helps.:-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 9, 12:02 pm

Adding a couple of tsp of vanilla instant pudding is a good way to keep it firm. You can't taste it really.

Chef_player_smurf, Jun 9, 12:07 pm

Snap, Smurf! I do this if I don't want the cream to soften or start to split.
Works well and you can't taste it.

Chef_patsprat, Jun 9, 4:02 pm

I just add a little gelatin powder as is and the cream is firm without being too heavily whipped and stays in place!

Chef_rasin11, Jun 10, 8:47 pm

If you can get piping gel, that works very well

Chef_waswoods, Jun 11, 8:22 pm

I used to add gelatin to cream when I whipped it when I was a kid but haven't done so in over 20 years. if you do want to add it just sprinkle the powder in when whipping the cream, no need to dissolve.

Chef_morrello1, Jun 12, 2:32 pm

I have used a teaspoon of Vanilla Instant Pudding for years and then a lady in the supermarket told me honey works just the same. I have not tried the honey yet.

Chef_retired, Jun 13, 3:21 pm

I use honey all the time, works great !

Chef_standard, Jun 13, 3:24 pm

Same here Standard.

Chef_niffer13, Jun 13, 3:28 pm

Ha ha maybe I got that hint from you?

Chef_standard, Jun 13, 3:36 pm

is it runny honey or cream honey

Chef_heathermay1, Jun 13, 4:05 pm

Or raw honey?

Chef_buzzy110, Jun 13, 4:34 pm

or clover honey - so you cannot taste it?
Would be tasting terribly of honey and nothing else if you used manuka.

Chef_fishplants, Jun 2, 5:15 am

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