Bakels Cake Mixes

sarahb5, Mar 2, 10:28pm
I can't resist a bargain and as one of our local Countdowns is closing soon they are selling off stock near it's use by date.I bought two Bakels sponge cake mixes - one is chocolate and one is just plain.They were only $1.50 each so much cheaper than baking from scratch but since I have never used them before could I add some bananas or chocolate chips to the plain one!Looking at the packet it seems to make quite a big cake and I think as just a plain cake my kids might not eat it but with other ingredients added it could work - how many bananas would you add to a 500g mix - would 3 be too many do you think!If I added some chocolate chips would I need to add a bit more liquid!And if so, how much and what sort of liquid would you add for half a cup of chocolate chips!

lilyfield, Mar 2, 11:47pm
no need to add extra liquid. i have worked a lot with bakels products and they are indeed very adaptable. add chocolat chips- dried fruit, nuts. only a little banana as they have liquid in them that changes the texture, you could increase raising action a fraction to compensatsay 1/2 teesp BP for 2 bananas. Also use orange and lemon peel for extra flavouring. And or ice finished cake. or cook mixture in myffinpans, drop a dollop of jam in the middle. Watch the baking time carefully

sarahb5, Mar 3, 12:04am
Thanks - will give it a go tonight - they were so cheap I couldn't resist but then wondered what I was going to do with them!

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