The best fried chips (sharing the love)

flower-child01, Mar 8, 3:59am
I have trialed different potatoes, and different oils for deep frying chips. I always pre-cook my chips in salted water for 7 mins, and use agria or any suitable potato for roasting. They are drained and cooled completely prior before deep frting 180 degrees celcius for 7 - 8 mins in Spanish Olive oil (light in flavour). The results are beautiful golden crisp fries. Far better than the old takeaway shop.

rokido, Mar 9, 9:29am
Thanks for sharing, always after the perfect chips, and have tried many ways.

tarawera99, Mar 10, 5:59am
Yummy will try some time

twindizzy, Mar 10, 8:40pm
Have you tried drying them out in the fridge after they have been cooled!

bounce16, Mar 10, 9:28pm
Mum always makes the best chips!Once peeled and cut she leaves them in water for 1/2 - 1 hour to remove some of the starch and then par cooks by deep frying.The chips are then drained and cooled and then cooked fully when needed.YUM!

iman007, Mar 10, 9:40pm
exactly the way i do mine, agria also my fave spud!

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