Egg in scones

olwen, Feb 12, 4:13am
I see a lot of scone recipes with an egg.My grandmother didn't use egg, and the recipe on the Edmonds baking powder tin didn't have egg.When I was taught to make scones at school they didn't have egg.

Is this a regional thing of some sort!

olwen, Feb 12, 4:15am
Or maybe it's because the recipes I grew up with were the aftermath of a depression followed by a war.

245sam, Feb 12, 4:20am
olwen, scones don't normally have egg in them however my now elderly Mum whose scones were always excellent, always (I understand) included a beaten egg in her sultana scones - not sure why but if I remember I'll ask her when I see her at the weekend.:-))

samsnan, Feb 12, 4:24am
You are right olwen proper scones dont have an egg in them but the recipe that does have an egg in it does keep longer and has a slightly different texture. I make them both ways but prefer the one with the egg in for longer keeping. The egg one freezes well and comes out more like a fresh scone. It seems to have come in over the past 4 or 5 years but I am sure it has been around for years but people perhaps did not know about it.

lodgelocum, Feb 12, 4:37am
I only add eggs to my scones when making date and lemon scones otherwise don't need them.

nauru, Feb 12, 4:42am
Some recipes do some don't.I don't use eggs in any of my scone recipes, all old ones passed down from family though.I usually make a big batch and freeze scones for future use.

mwood, Feb 12, 6:06am
somehow I keep visualizing scones with an egg as something like Scotch Eggs - might even work LOL

wheelz, Feb 12, 6:53am
IMO making scones with an egg in them is for people who can't be bothered learning to make a scone the correct way. They don't haven't texture or the taste of a real scone.

lodgelocum, Feb 12, 7:03am
There are many people that can't make scones, whether they have an egg in the scones or not!

waswoods, Feb 12, 7:48am
I have been making scones with an egg in for at least the last 25 years. IMO and the opinion of many others, I make very good scones. So much so, that those people won't eat a scone in a cafe because they don't taste very nice

You make your scones your way, and I'll make mine my way . as in many recipes we all have our own way of doing it. And who's to say one way is right and the other wrong!

245sam, Feb 12, 8:06am
Agreed waswoods - as stated above my Mum always included an egg in her sultana scones AND she knows (and has known for more years than most of us have been around) how to make scones the correct way and not only that but Mum's scones have always had both scone taste and texture.:-))

cary14, Feb 12, 8:14am
Can u just add an egg to your usual scone recipe!

tinkagirl, Feb 12, 8:29am
Actually this is incorrect, I make scones with eggs and have for 20 years now because they stay fresher for longer.They taste the same and I am famous in our family for my scone making abliity.They do taste the same and I think are a much better texture as they are softer and lighter and as I have already said last longer.

wendalls, Feb 12, 8:54am
Well i will have to try an egg recipe to see! I always get comments on my great sconesand it always amazes me as it is simply the edmonds cookbook recipe. no l& p or other fizzy additives. must be that there are lots of bad scone cookers out there!

nik12, Feb 12, 1:04pm
Well good on all you traditional people.I've made scones that have been ok. then I made the idiot proof ones and they were awesome!I'd watched my Mum made great scones, and Nan was the queen of girdle scones.I'm not a bad baker, but I'd fall back on piklets (I'm the queen of them lol).
If a recipe works and tastes goodwhy say it's not right!

tinkagirl, Feb 12, 3:01pm
dead right.

waswoods, Feb 13, 7:25am
Mine are really "untraditional" - I use an egg, quarter cup of oil mix the egg and oil gently and then fill the cup up with yoghurt

nik12, Feb 13, 12:32pm
I don't know if you could 'just add an egg'. but why not try!
The one with the egg I found was great. sorry I don't know original poster but I got it off here
Idiot proof Scones. Here it is again for anyone.
Melt 50gms butter in a microwave jug. Let cool a little and break 1 egg into it and top up with milk to = approx 1 3/4 cups liquid. Mix well with a fork. Add by mixing with a knife to 3 large cups self raising flour. Bake 230 for 10 mins. You can add a bit of sugar and fruit or cheese or whatever you feel like.

. The lemonade and cream one is also an easy one! I so don't know which bit of the traditional recipe I get wrong

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