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charmed14, Feb 7, 8:20am
I just want to have a one layer cake but have it quite high, any tips for when it comes time to put them together to cover in fondant!

lcl2, Feb 8, 6:59am
Sandwich the cakes together with a mix of apricot jam and a little hot water.The other thing you could use is a weak solution of icing, you really just need something sticky.

kiwibubbles, Feb 8, 10:02am
can't you just use a thin layer of buttercream to put them together, then cover the cake in a thin layer with the rest of the buttercream before putting fondant on!

sclaredy_cat, Feb 8, 7:55pm
We need more info really OP.what flavour are the cakes, and how are they going to be decorated! Are you wanting to use buttercream or fondant, and how tall is it going to be!

fecknellie, Feb 9, 12:33am
I always sandwich mine with a filling, ie buttercream, ganache something like that, then I put a thinnish layer over the entire cake for thefondant to stick to.yummy

sarahb5, Feb 9, 12:40am
I don't even understand the question!How can you have a single layer cake but put them together!Wouldn't it be easier just to make one deep cake and ice that!

fecknellie, Feb 9, 3:07am
I take the question as being a one tier cake in the end but with a few layers inside it.

kiwibubbles, Feb 9, 3:51am
tin might not be deep enough!

sarahb5, Feb 9, 3:54am
Buy a bigger tin

kiwibubbles, Feb 9, 4:17am
Don't think ive come across a tin that's deeper than 4 inches! But if you have i'd be quite interested to know where cos i like making deeper cakes and often do layers to achieve that

sarahb5, Feb 9, 5:01am
Well how deep do you want a cake to be!Sounds like what OP really means is a single tier cake rather than a single layer but I still don't really understand what she is asking .

sclaredy_cat, Feb 9, 6:46am
I've done a lot of cakes and I would never attempt to cook one tier any higher than what most would consider a 'normal' height. It would be too hard to cook it evenly without drying or burning the outside. Also, even if you could, can you imagine eating it! It would just be a big slab of cake, without layers of filling. Ick. Much better to bake several layers and put them together. Besides, no point buying a high tin (not that I've seen any) and never need to use it again.

kiwibubbles, Feb 9, 7:25am
haha yeah exactly

sarahb5, Feb 9, 9:56am
Well OP still hasn't come back to clarify what exactly she is trying to achieve or what exactly she means by a single layer.

charmed14, Feb 10, 8:06am
Yes, this is what I meant, sorry should of said one tier.

charmed14, Feb 10, 8:11am
I have a four inch high tin but agree with the above regarding the cooking and eating of it.So I want to have enough layers to achieve that height or a bit higher.

sclaredy_cat, Feb 10, 8:52pm
Yeah 4 inch would probably be my max height per layer (not to be confused with tier) but then you'll also need to allow a bit of height to trim it to level. So you might only end up with 3 inch layer. Even then, I tend to split 3 inch cakes through the middle and fill between, so the layers themselves might only be 1.5 inches. So consider that when you're thinking how tall to make your tier. What are you decorating it with!

charmed14, Feb 10, 10:54pm
Was going to use butter cream and then fondant.

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