White choc mud cake

kiwibubbles, Jan 22, 7:47am
anyone got a tried and true recipe!

shellz213, Jan 22, 8:21am
Not tried and true but this is the cake I'm going to make to take into work for morning tea for my birthday next month.


sarahb5, Jan 22, 10:25am
That's the one I made for my daughter's birthday one year - it's delicious even though I don't particularly like white chocolate

shellz213, Jan 23, 4:21am
Oh thanks . that's really good to get a good review.I get a bit nervous making a cake that I haven't tried before especially when I have to take it somewhere.

With regard to the icing, did you decorate the top with anything!

sarahb5, Jan 23, 4:28am
It's a long time ago now so I can't actually remember to be honest - I probably just put candles and a "happy birthday" sign on top

cookiebarrel, Jan 23, 6:41am
That one is a really good recipe I use it all the time, even for wedding cakes as well.Had you thought of using the White Chocolate ganache recipe that is also on the recipe to cover it with!
Edited to add Aust. W.W also have a really nice dark chocolate mud cake recipe that I also use all the time and have even made up the 2 different recipes and 'marbled' them together, when requested.Very nice and tasty.

sarahb5, Jan 23, 6:46am
Just a thought - did you mean icing or decoration!I used white chocolate ganache on top and then the usual candles, etc.

shellz213, Jan 23, 6:49am
Decoration.I just wondered if the white choc ganache just by itself would look a bit plain without any colour and was thinking of putting something else on top . am thinking maybe some raspberries or chocolate peels (though there's probably enough chocolate in the cake and ganache let alone adding more!)

Sorry op for hijacking your thread too!

cookiebarrel, Jan 23, 6:54am
shellz213, yum that soundsso nice, can I come along too!

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