Easy lunch ideas- for stall holder?

courtney2004, Jan 16, 10:42am
well I am "volenteering" to run a stall for a friend this weekend. I am wondering what sort of food is best eg a sami cut into bite size pieces or! she said it gets busy but its the sort that you talk to people also! Picked up a couple of bar things today thinking its something that is easy to eat. Its from 8am to 5pm. I am a little worried about a break for toilet time but may just cut back on drink LOL on friday

justiyah, Jan 16, 12:15pm
American hot dogs. drink of some sort. sassage sizzle.meat paddy sammys.

nzhel, Jan 16, 12:30pm
Yes - I think sandwiches cut into smaller pieces would be a great idea and say an apple or two, cored and cut into smaller sized pieces - it will go a little brown but will be ok. Washed grapes in a container would be good too - things you can 'pick' at. I'd still make sure you had say - water with you, nice and cold in a thermos if it looks like being a hot day. Or perhaps coffee made up in a thermos if its cooler.

natalie9, Jan 16, 4:40pm
Yep ham and cheese sandwiches, cut up fruit and something sweet, kept in cooler bag

gjsmith2, Jan 18, 12:48am
Buy one of those mixed nut bags to snack on, I forget what they are called but I know they have them at countdown and they have seals such as good for the heart, or for energy. I usually get the energy one as it also has a small amount of chocolate drops in the bag. Also do the sandwich thing, can't go wrong with that.

daisyhill, Jan 18, 4:23am
Nothing greasy, nothing that requires cutlery, nothing that requires heating, nothing that is likely to drop messy bits, and nothing that will make the stall (or your breath) smell or get stuck in your teeth. After that you're probably good to go with whatever you think of!

courtney2004, Jan 19, 8:48am
Well took a sami but by the time I had it at 11am it was all soft and not as nice! will have to think of a better choice for next time. Thinking 2minute noodles or soemthing in a pottle.

nfh1, Jan 19, 8:55am
I would definitely not reduce your liquid, especially if it is hot!Put lots of things you fancy in a cool bag, if you are not used to being on your feet for 9 hours, you will be glad of lots of tasty things,I used to help out on a Stand at Chelsea Flower Show and we used to eat and eat - amazing how hungry you get over a long day on your feet.

courtney2004, Jan 20, 6:57am
thinking i should do some nuts, bars, sami's only if Marmite is back I would have them! prehaps some crackers and hummas or something also. I really need to be able to have bite sized items as people just keep rolling in!

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