Annabelle Langbeins Cloud cake

marge5, Dec 23, 5:17am
could someone please tell me when serving this cake how long can it stay out of the freezer when serving -plan to make it for xmas dessert

kobec9, Dec 23, 5:19am
It melts pretty quickly (especially in this heat) so serve it up quick and put the leftovers straight back in the freezer is my is very yummy

holly-rocks, Dec 23, 5:26am
Yummy but melts super fast!

marge5, Dec 23, 5:33am
thanks for the advice much appreciated merry xmas to you all

agave1, Dec 23, 7:07am
but don't freeze it too much or the base won't cut.

suzanne6612, Dec 25, 4:58am
Annabelle Langbeins Cloud cake - can someone give me the recipe.

suzanna, Dec 25, 6:19am

nan99, Dec 25, 8:09am
I made this for Xmas - was delicious.

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