Want to go to bed straight after cake has finished

donna12, Aug 25, 9:26am
baking. Can I just leave it on the bench to cool all night! Really don't want to wait for it to cool before putting it into container as it may be 11pm! Any ideas!

buzzy110, Aug 25, 9:33am
Should be fine. Just make sure you place it somewhere (like on top of the stove - but not in a confined space) that the ants can't get at.

donna12, Aug 25, 9:56am
ants.didn't think about ants! okay will put a net cover thing over it and head to bed, I really should have made this earlier in the night!

camper18, Aug 25, 11:05am
Put a large flan dish or similar ½ full of water on the table sit an upturned dessert plate in it and stand the cake tin on top. No ants can get to the cake past the water.

norse_westie, Aug 25, 9:28pm
Yes you can. Unless you havea Siamese cat.
Birthday cake + Siamese = disaster.

davidt4, Aug 25, 10:01pm
A microwave is a good ant-proof cupboard.It's the only use I have for ours.

kaddiew, Aug 26, 12:07am
I use my microwave for same.but I wouldnt put a cake that hasn't cooled into a closed microwave.

gardie, Aug 26, 1:07am
Ours is certainly not ant proof.And even when I turn it on with the ants in it, the continue to walk around.GRRR!

norse_westie, Aug 26, 1:50am
Also not Siamese proof - he frequently pops the door to check whats in there. I used to store night-shift working son's dinner in there. Another lesson learned.

walt, Aug 26, 3:20am
Snap norse_westie. I have had to rescue several cakes from our Siamese. Had to shut myselt in the pantry to make son"s chicken sandwiches. Wouldn"t be without my cats!

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