Cheap school lunch ideas?

justiyah, Jul 22, 3:02am
Hi all, just wondering what are some cheap lunchbox ideas and what do you all put in your childrens lunch boxes! Also how many items!

ange164, Jul 22, 3:09am
How old are the child/ren! My daughter is 4.5 and a small eater. I pack her a 1/2 sandwich (vegemite, vegemite or vegemite - it's not like I don't offer variety, she just is on a vegemite kick at the moment.) and a fruit (half an apple or pear or a kiwifruit), and a biscuit. Sometimes some nuts n raisens too.

pedulla, Jul 22, 6:23am
i make up pizzas and cut into many pieces - more slithers lol - cut and freeze and take out as needed - they usually have with sandwiches- thawed by lunch and kids love them

sarahb5, Jul 22, 6:27am
I don't put anything in my children's lunch boxes - they make their own lunches and have done since they started school with decreasing amounts of help.In my 16 years of being a school parent though I have discovered that children like familiar things in their lunch boxes - fancy wraps, etc. are all very well but they want food they can eat on the run and that isn't going to fall apart all over their uniform.Food for lunch boxes needs to be strictly one hand food especially if you have kids who would rather be playing football, bull rush or even texting at lunch time.Mine have sandwiches, chippies, fruit, home baking and yoghurt or chocolate milk.But I'm at the stage now where I'm just glad they eat something at lunchtime and if some of it is "slightly junkie" that's too bad - the meals they eat the rest of the time are a lot healthier and at least they're not going to Maccas or the dairy.

sarahb5, Jul 22, 9:15pm
And apparently there's nothing to go in the sandwiches at our house this morning so Mr 17 has fairy bread!I'm actually tempted to put that on Facebook .

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