Cake crusting up

kiwibubbles, Jul 23, 3:11am
What can i do to stop the cake developing a hard crust! I've tried turning oven down to 170/165 degrees celsius but it still peaks and forms a crust. any other ideas!

ange164, Jul 23, 3:13am
I'm sure someone knowledgeable will be along soon. In the mean time my only thought is, Is your oven's thermometer / temperature gauge accurate!
Cover the top with tin foil part way through baking once it's reached the color you want and dont use fan bake.

kiwitrish, Jul 23, 3:15am
What shelf do you put it in in the oven!

kiwibubbles, Jul 23, 3:31am
oh that was the other thing i tried. i usually put the cake on a shelf that is smack in the middle of the oven. then tried lowering the shelf. same result

davidt4, Jul 23, 3:50am
Your oven may be incorrectly calibrated.Try turning it down to 160C.

The other possibility is that the proportions in your recipe are wrong .A very sugary cake with a low proportion of butter can end up with a hard crust.

kiwibubbles, Jul 23, 3:55am
I thought that. i've tried three diff recipeds though and they've all ended up the same. I"ll try turning it down lower next time

pickles7, Jul 23, 7:09am
maybe too much sugar, post your recipe . You may need to find another that suits you.

kiwibubbles, Jul 23, 7:57am
I've tried three different recipes LOL

pickles7, Jul 23, 8:58am
what are you making!

kiwibubbles, Jul 23, 9:54am
just a plain vanilla cake

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