'Pink' Savoury/Lunch Ideas

beebs, Jun 6, 9:55pm
what would you take to a pink shared lunch of the savoury variety, all i can think of is cherrios or making savoury scones pink with food colouring.-
(sweet idea sorted, but would be happy for any suggestions on this too)

lx4000, Jun 6, 9:55pm

lx4000, Jun 6, 9:57pm
beetroot and cottage cheese on crackers! Let it sit for a bit and it will be pink! Ipronise! hahahaha

stefanie, Jun 6, 10:02pm
Some fritters or blinis topped with creame cheese and smoked salmon.

sarahb5, Jun 6, 11:03pm
Taramasalata - doesn't come much pinker than that!

retired, Jun 7, 1:59am

dorothy_vdh, Jun 7, 5:31am
make some beetroot dip, it is absolutely delicious,

davidt4, Jun 7, 5:54am
Beetroot & Yoghurt Dip

1 beetroot, cooked
125 ml tahini
2 tab olive oil
juice 1 -2 lemons
small clove garlic
salt & pepper
1 c thick yoghurt

Purée beetroot, add all but yoghurt and amalgamate well.Beat in yoghurt.

Serve in flat bowl with oil and diced cucumber on top.Serve with lettuce hearts, pita or Turkish bread

carlos57, Jun 7, 6:06am
Something topped with ham!

maandpa2b, Jun 7, 9:33am
Use juice from beet root to colour anything.meringues, sour cream.etc

maandpa2b, Jun 7, 9:34am
Also, pink rice and make sushi.

sarahb5, Jun 7, 9:40am
Served with pickled ginger

molly37, Jun 7, 9:54am
Cup Cakes with lovely pink icing

r-mvz, Jun 8, 9:35am
Tomato soup. add cream or milk before serving

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