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dallyfeline, Jan 27, 9:02pm
does it hurt to add a couple of eggs

uli, Jan 27, 9:25pm
Diabetic and fruit cake is already an oxymoron.
Recipe at post #2 is the one you want I guess.

Or try this one:

She also thinks that this is suitable for a diabetic.

davidt4, Jan 27, 10:20pm
OMG.That's even less appealing than the fruit juice version.

lilyfield, Jan 27, 10:29pm
^ yes

elliehen, Jan 27, 10:53pm
This is a thread that bumped from May 2012 to January 2013 and no one has addressed the new question.

I remember pickles7 saying that you could add eggs to this.I'll try to find her post ;)

pickles7, Jan 27, 10:54pm
I have to feel for those that this cake is forced upon. Those who are unable to put the food into there own mouths in particular.I gag for them as I write. As bad as the cake posted further up.4 ingredient one, made with coffee or orange juice.

elliehen, Jan 27, 11:03pm
This is the only quickie one I can find with eggs.it's very similar, but has lots of added sugar ;)

Edited to add:OOPS!I see at post #9 that pickles7 might have gone off her cake in the interim.

uli, Jan 28, 5:39am
None of those recipes are suitable for a diabetic person though.
Never mind adding a couple of eggs.

harrislucinda, Jan 28, 8:11am
thisisaxmascakebutguessall thesame1kgmixedfruit
soakfruitinjuiceovernightthenmixin flourbakeinmodovenfor11/2hrs

elliehen, Jan 28, 9:17am

nahmi, Jan 29, 7:41am
I guess you are posting this tongue in cheek. Yes amazing isn't it that the Diabetes NZ website has a recipe for fruit cake on it . LOL Just test your numbers after a slice of that .

uli, Jan 29, 7:43am
If you look at it nahmi - you will see how small their pieces are to only have 8g of carbs each!

As if anyone would just eat one of those minute pieces LOL :)

nahmi, Jan 29, 7:54am
Exactly, therein lies the problem. LOL Quite misleading isn't it.

uli, Jan 29, 8:05am
The whole diabetes organisation is quite misleading LOL :)


Why would you eat carbs when you cannot deal with them I wonder - especially things like potatoes or pasta or rice which will send the blood sugar sky high. Kumara or pumpkin would be a better bet.

elliehen, Jan 29, 8:06am
Not tongue-in-cheek at all.From my observation, intelligent people with Type 1 Diabetes (IDDM) have superb self control because their lives depend upon it.

Would that all the chubbies who badly want to monitor their eating could be as disciplined ;)

nahmi, Jan 29, 7:44pm
Thank you for the compliment. I am a Type One and yes my HAiBC's are excellent. ( 48 for my last one ). So I guess that makes me superbly controlled and intelligent. :)
But not intelligent enough to follow your " chubbie " commentLOL

nahmi, Jan 29, 7:46pm
Pasta makes me laugh. Again make all the pasta recipes you like but only eat a thimble full LOL

davidt4, Jan 29, 8:39pm
There are a couple of posters who have created a fiction that the low carb and Paleo eaters who post on TM message boards are all fat.This is not actually true, in fact most of us are slim, but that doesn't stop the snide remarks.Just ignore it the way everyone else does.

cookessentials, Jan 29, 9:25pm
Why is it that someone asks for a recipe and all is going well until certain posters come in and turn it into this! Is it a sport for them! Do they get a "laugh" out of it or do they just like to continually wind people up! Amazing when the poster was not around, just how lovely the boards became once more. Alas, they have not become any better I see. As for the low carb and fiction.we see with our eyes and to be honest what you said above is not quitte correct if you want to be really honest with yourself.

pickles7, Jan 29, 9:34pm
I expect you watch what you eat .cookessentials

cookessentials, Jan 29, 9:47pm
I was actually coming back to edit my comment to add. I dont care who is what size here, each of us is responsible for our own health. Pickles, to answer your question. to a point, I do, but I am not "anal" about it. If I want to have a treat then I have it, I certainly dont feel guilty about it and I am not one to tell people they "have" to eat the way i do for their health either. As the first poster was wanting a recipe for a diabetic, all she required was the recipe, not a lecture.

uli, Jan 29, 10:02pm
And she got lots of recipes .

pickles7, Jan 29, 10:07pm
Yes, even this one,

Xmas cake.
melt 1 tin of sweetened condensed milk,
125 grams of butter,
2 Tblsp golden syrup.
mix in another large bowl,
1 and 1/2 KG of mixed fruit with
2 cups of flour,
1/2 teaspoon each, nutmeg,cinnamon, mixed spice.
now add to that bowl the milk - butter mix,
4 beaten eggs,
1/2 teaspoon each almond, lemon, vanilla, rum essences.
lastly add 1/4 cup of milk with 1 teaspoon of baking soda added.
Bake 3-4 hours at 125 %c
I line my tins with corrugated cardboard, newspaper, finally non stick baking paper.

This is the only quickie one I can find with eggs.it's very similar, but has lots of added sugar ;)

Edited to add: OOPS! I see at post #9 that pickles7 might have gone off her cake in the interim.

Edited by elliehen at 12:07 pm, Sun 27 Jan


elliehen (3975 )12:03 pm, Sun 27 Jan #10

uli, Jan 29, 10:07pm
. and why can it NOT be pointed out that eating lots of dried fruit is not something a diabetic person should do!

Obviously the poster wasn't aware of that. it would never occur to ME to bake such a cake for a diabetic person.

The size of the pieces are given in detail by the diabetic asscn. They are minute. Look it up.

So why not make something special which is not so fraught with danger!

elliehen, Jan 29, 10:20pm
pickles, I hope you're alert enough to see that I quoted your cake purely for its similarity to the 4 ingredient one and specifically to show that eggs could apparently be added successfully.

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