Baking pan? cheesecake tin?

jase320, May 14, 3:28am
Hi guys in had a cheesecake dish where the middle popped out when you were ready to serve it and i now need another one and dont know what they are called.You put your cheesecake in it up the sides then lift the middle out and the cheesecake comes out aswell pie dish!

cookessentials, May 14, 3:30am
It's called a springform tin jase320

jase320, May 14, 3:33am
thanks muchly

245sam, May 14, 3:58am
A loose-bottomed pan/tine.g. as shown on the following link:-!i=5163881 Hope that helps.:-)) Edited to add that the actual pan on that link IMO would not be what you would use for a cheesecake as cheesecakes normally have straight sides rather than the fluted sides that many pies and quiche have.I have loose-bottomed straight-sided cake pans in different sizes, both round and square and those are the tins that are ideal for making cheesecakes - I line the tin with foil, then for serving the cheesecake sit the tin on a glass or jar and simply lift the cake tin's side off. peel the foil off the side of the cheesecake, then use the loose bottom from the cake tin to transfer the cheesecake to the serving plate/dish - very easy.
The tin on the following link is a better example of the type of tin I use and the type you described that you have enjoyed using previously.:-))

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