Cake Decorators - Howick/Manukau Area?

toadfish, Apr 26, 10:01am
I want to buy a 50th Wedding anniversary cake for my parents and was wondering if anyone knew of a good cake decorator in this area.Otherwise I will be taking a trip to Decor Cakes in Otahuhu, who co-incidently made my wedding cake.
I wish I had the time and skills to do it myself. but sadly I don't.
If you could share that would be great.

chicco2, Apr 27, 3:41am
Bumping for help. If you lived near Nelson, I would love to do it for you.

teejay2, Apr 27, 4:24am
are you on facebook! look up double rainbow cakes

she makes some amazing cakes and cupcakes and is reasonably priced

as an aside, decor cakes made my wedding cake identical copy of my mothers.

molly37, Apr 27, 6:38am
Rozzies Cakes. - she is AMAZING, based in Hillpark Manurewa.
I think she has a website, which i dont believe has all her cakes, but you can get an idea or Facebook Rozzies Cakes.

molly37, Apr 27, 6:38am
Rozzies Cakes. - she is AMAZING, based in Hillpark Manurewa.
She made my daughters 21st cake, Fabulous Cakes. or Facebook Rozzies Cakes which i think shows more of her recent cakes.

sikofstuf, Apr 27, 6:43am
bella cupcakes- vanessa iti, I'm pretty sure she's in Howick- honestly, her work is amazing-her website is bella I think :-)

goldgurl, Apr 27, 6:57am
Pricewise AND quality, you can't go wrong with Decor Cakes, Otahuhu.I go there when I need a super special cake :)I wouldn't even 'risk' any other place lol.

goldgurl, Apr 27, 7:49am
Hey Toadie, does it have to be a super flash cake!Cos Windmill Bakery in Mangere make a really rich chocolate mud cake - a HUGE SLAB for around $70 - even half a slab might do you!But they'll decorate it with fresh cream and writting for a small fee.

toadfish, Apr 27, 8:41am
It has to be flash. as its my present to them.
I am going to "The Cake Box" (Juliette Ave, Howick) tommorrow morning to see what they have, a lady at work reccommended them.
Thanks for everyones input.

purplegoanna, Apr 27, 9:55am
OMG their choc cake is FABULOUS.not anniversary flash but always cuts the mustard for 21sts and 16 ths hint i eva got on here was to get slab cakes from them.

goldgurl, Apr 27, 10:59am
yep - great value when you have a crowd to feed aye!!Especially delish 'just' warmed up a little and eaten with vanilla ice cream lol.

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