Expert cake decorators please

nicolas6, May 17, 2:23am
When i was a little girl a lady showed me some cake decorating. She had a picture drawn on waxed paper and with a piping bag she piped icing onto it and when it went hard she peeled it off and placed it on the cake. does any one have the recipe for how to make this type of icing? do you put it in the fridge to set? and how far in advance can you make these before putting on the cake. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks

abbey_magick, May 17, 2:24am
royal icing (you can google for recipes), not in the fridge (air drys). I would give yourself a week or two incase of breakages, and practice

sikofstuf, May 17, 2:37am
hi yes- it's royal icing- they recommend you use meringue powder now to mix up the recipe- you can find it on trademe, bjewelled (kiwicakes) has it- wilton brand. Reason being, the recipes you google off the net usually use raw egg white- which they dont recommend anymore, due to the risk of selmonella/food poisoning. I use it quite often- it's a great product- but you only need to use a 1/3 of the royal icing recipe mix as it makes HEAPS! ! ! ! ! lol google the wilton website too- for advice on piping with royal icing :-)

eastie3, May 11, 6:17pm
Thanks for the info sikofstuf, I found it very useful - even though I didn't start the thread.