When making a feijoa cake.

pricey1, Apr 25, 7:13am
What flavour icing does everyone put on it!

penny123, Apr 25, 7:16am

rrrg, Apr 25, 7:16am

pgta, Apr 25, 7:23am

valentino, Apr 25, 7:45am
Fejoa and butterscotch, yummmm.

valentino, Apr 25, 7:45am
Feijoa and butterscotch, yummmm.

Editing to add that feijoas is cooked.

bisloy, Apr 25, 7:54am
Ditto for lemon. Lovely!

sandpit, Apr 25, 10:13am
cream cheese icing (as u would use for a carrot cake)

indy95, Apr 26, 1:12am
Lemon and orange.

esiuol1, Apr 26, 1:19am
Passionfruit it nice too!

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