Apple n rhubarb sponge pie

jaymez1, Apr 17, 3:32pm
any takers on this one

cgvl, Apr 17, 8:51pm
yes make it regularly.
I cook apple and rhubarb together, into a deep pie dish or casserole dish then add the sponge type top. cook 180C for about 20-30mins.
Use the Edmonds recipe for for it called apple or any fruit sponge in Desserts but add about 2-4Tbsp milk otherwise too dry.

daleaway, Apr 18, 12:28am
The ginger sponge in the Edmonds book is the recipe I use with apple (it's the one under the one mentioned above, or at least it is in my 1974 edition!). Like #2, I would cook the apple and rhubarb together first, and add the sponge topping while the fruit is still warm/hot, as you would with pastry.

guest, Jan 11, 11:10pm
I came, I read this article, I coquderen.

guest, Jan 13, 5:45pm
I was going thru my blogroll and stbuelmd on a familiar house on designsponge! I was like heeey I know that cupboard!!! (the one your dad made) How awesome to be featured Theresa! you two have so many great finds and its good to see a lived in & loved home always. :O)~Vintagehoney

guest, Jan 14, 11:15am
wow you have some GREAT pieces in there. your couch is amnazaaiag. and i'm desperate to get my hands on a ton of butterfly specimens. love your apartment!xo Moorea

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