Marian Keyes new Cookbook - Baking Cakes etc

supercook, Feb 25, 4:14am
Marina Keyes wrote great books has written cook book about baking cakes, etc had a look at the bookshop it's a gorgeous book will be on the must buy list. Anyone else seen it!

sarahb5, Feb 25, 4:25am
Reasonable price at Book Depository - I dread to think how much it is in this country though

There's a really lovely video clip that goes with it too - does look nice

supercook, Feb 25, 4:56am
Not sure might have been $50.00. Most nice cookbooks are that sort of $.

supercook, Feb 25, 4:57am
Where do you find the video clip please!

sarahb5, Feb 25, 5:21am

cjfincham1, Feb 25, 6:21am
i had a read of the introduction at a paper plus looks lovely - was 37.00 so not so bad.

thelaw014, Feb 25, 6:26am
It is at the Warehouse for $29 until wednesday.

supercook, Feb 25, 8:12am
Thanks for that it's a great price for a brilliant book. Love Marian Keyes.

momma1, Feb 25, 8:33pm
you're right its a lovely video clip and she is right i also find feeding people takes me out of my own head. hence the fact i single handedly baked cooked for my fathers wake. it really did help

vintagekitty, Feb 26, 1:53am
I am so off to the Warehouse later to buy one/ or a few for girlfriends birthday gifts.

sarahb5, Feb 26, 9:07pm
He he - me too - looks good

vintagekitty, Feb 27, 4:53am
None at my local one:(, asked and they had no idea when it was coming in and knew nothing about the sale price.

sarahb5, Feb 27, 7:55am
They had quite a few in ours but did say it was proving quite popular - special price of $29 is only until Wednesday.I could get you one if you like or it might be cheaper/easier to get it online from them.Book Depository is the same price as well with free postage.

vintagekitty, Feb 29, 6:11am
sarah, you are SO lovely offering that, but did you read my answer the other day that a girlfriend had got it for me!. But thanks so much:)

macwood2, Mar 1, 8:46am
I bought it on the recommendation of this site.It is a really lovely book with fab recipes.

sarahb5, Mar 1, 8:58pm
Yes I did - I could've just emailed you because I realised later that I still have your email address!Anyway, hope you enjoy it - I am going to try the Blondie Muffins on Sunday I think

vintagekitty, Mar 1, 9:02pm
Funny, I think I commented to one too many friends about the lack of them here and have ended up with 3. Oh well I have girlfriend's birthday coming up and I could list the other. Loads of people I know have seemed to have bought it.

blueskyday, Mar 3, 3:30am
Just got this book today.Love it!A joy to browse through.Looking forward to some baking.Enjoy.Ps: on saturday still $29 at the Warehouse

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