From grans kitchen cookbook

squashi_mitsu, Sep 12, 11:08pm
hi i got this book out from the library and a recipe in it is for banana nut bread which you can bake in tin cans. In the recipe they say to add 1/2 cup of shortening (crisco) and im wondering is this still available to buy as ive seen kremelta or what could be used as a subsitute please. I would appreciate any feedback with thanks, Shirley. The cookbook was printed in NZ in 2008.

indy95, Sep 13, 12:48am
You can use either butter or oil in place of the shortening.

elliehen, Sep 13, 1:43am
Crisco is a soft, whipped vegetable shortening, used in the USA. Am surprised it's an ingredient in this NZ cookbook - which, by the way, is currently in Postshop bookshops as a publisher's remainder and marked down from its original $60.00 price tag to $29.95.

Margarine would be OK.

claudds, Sep 21, 12:44am
has any got josegers recipe for that lovely apple cake she made this
week.also her loaf of bread which contained a can of beer. both
looked delicous.

claudds, Sep 21, 12:50am
has any one got that recipe of the apple cake that joe seager made
this week. also her bread recipe which contained a can of beer.

shelley39, Sep 21, 12:55am
I got this book for Mothers day this year from my kids.I have tried alot of the recipes and love them all.I do think in the cakes that there is a bit too much sugar so I half what is reccommended.The scones are really nice and light.

cookessentials, Apr 7, 6:02pm
I love nut rolls, I do have a couple of tins which i must resurrect.