Kitchen Aid Cake Mixer

sharonann1, Feb 14, 9:54am
Replaced my old Sunbeam with a kitchen aid at start of this year, wish i had my old sunbeam!. Made batch old chocolate chippies today and found it very difficult to mix in dry ingredients using the k aid mixer ended up putting mixture into a large bowl i use for christmas cakes. How have other people found this. Must say though I do have bad carpal tunnel. I find the kitchen aid bowl to deep to really mix throughly.

seniorbones, Feb 14, 10:05am
I love mine! did you get the plastic cover so you can add the dry while the beater is going! I use that to mix just on #1 so it slowly folds in the flour, works perfectly. I dont find it too deep I also think I have carpal tunnel get terrible pain at the side of my wrists and all through my hands when I knit so have had to reduce the amount I knit now, just when we get a new grand-daughter!

sharonann1, Feb 14, 10:08am
ok thanks will try that, do you also do the folding of dry indgredients that way when usingeg choc chips or dried fruit!

sharonann1, Feb 14, 10:09am
Yes i did get the plastic cover!

sands39, Feb 15, 3:49am
I brought a flex edge beater for mine. It is shaped like the flat beater but has a rubber edge that scrapes the side of the bowl as it mixes. It does a much better job of mixing the flour in. I wish they came with the machine.

deus701, Feb 15, 3:50am
I wish they kept the plastic cover and give the plastic scraper

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