Dolly varden cake recipe that works

jackthecat1, Feb 10, 5:31am
Does any one have a dolly varden cake recipe that is suitable for a four year old birthday party.I have hired a tin and made one but it burnt on the top and bottom, not cooked in the middle all in all a disaster. The receipe was a modern version that did not include the fruit etc I really just want to make a plain cake cut the middle out and throw a doll in then ice it.Any tried and true receipes
Many thanks

52many, Feb 10, 5:43am
Get your nanas christmas pudding bowl.cut the legs off the doll.and wallah! Well thats how my mum used to make them.

ttwisty, Feb 10, 6:14am
I used a butter cake in my dolly varden cake and cooked really good

winnie231, Feb 10, 7:07am
Find a good, reliable butter cake recipe & use that.
eg .

deb74, Feb 10, 7:10am
Does the tin have a metal rod in the middle!Some do and it helps the cake cook from the middle out as well so less chance of burning.If it hasn't, you can use a metal kebab stick or some other metal object stuck straight in the middle.

jackthecat1, Feb 10, 8:20am
Thanks for thatidea re the metal rodit is cake making hell tonight the banana cake taste like baking soda. so I will try a butter cake recipe next thanks all

uli, Feb 10, 8:28am
Wallah alright :)

nzhel, Feb 10, 11:11am
Not everybodys ideal cake - but for success I have often used a plain packet cake when making a novelty cake. I have made several Dolly Varden cakes this way and they turn out perfect everytime!

nauru, Feb 12, 7:54am
The pudding basin works well. This is how I always made them for my kids birthdays. I had a doll which had a spike instead of legs which was good.

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