Where to buy cake stands/tiers

mattdylan, Jan 10, 4:30am
I know you will all say 'off here' but I want lots, about 5 or 6. anyone know where I could get these from, prefer cheap ones, thanks :)

chrissyb1, Jan 10, 7:28am
Kitchen gadget shops

cookessentials, Jan 10, 7:36am
If you are wanting them for an event, why not hire them.

char522, Jan 10, 8:27am
spotlight have them, you can get them covered or just plain cardboard colour

moggie57, Jan 10, 8:29am
mitre 10

sparkles.nz, Jan 10, 9:48am
What designs are you looking for! Colour/single cake/cupcake !

very_hotpants, Jan 10, 11:23am
Kmart - got a 3 tired glass one for $15

cookessentials, Jan 10, 5:17pm
Be very careful as there are a few posters here who will try and get you banned for self promotion, they do it to me all the time!

nzl99, Jan 10, 5:57pm
The warehouse has cutsie retro-like ones for about $15, two tiers.

sparkles.nz, Jan 10, 8:45pm
Oh ok.thanks cookessentials.I was only trying to help :(

bayhe, Jan 10, 8:48pm
Stevens had them before Xmas but Kmart probably cheaper

cookessentials, Jan 11, 1:08am
yes, I know.I get it all the time. Some people are just nasty.

summersunnz, Jan 11, 6:57am
Stevens sometimes have them marked down - have seen them down from $49 to $19 - plain white.

moolani, Jan 11, 7:41am
this would be my suggestion, got one b4 xmas and it is lovely, looks way more expensive than warehous lol.

lynnea1, Jan 11, 8:57am
I got mine from Farmer.Half price at $15.

leebee35, Jan 11, 9:43am
I have seen an amazing one from a fab shop in High St Auckland -only $45.It has been made from three old records!So worth the treat.

Houseof hedone anbout no 5 or 8 high st.just google them.

littleblackhen, Jan 14, 9:26am
bin inns

punkinthefirst, Jan 15, 8:02am
Single cake stands can be made by you. Get some glass plates and solid dessert glasses from a second hand store. Clean them well, and dry thoroughly, then glue the underneath of the plate to the bottom of the dessert glass with Araldite, making sure that the glass is properly centred.
You can make more than one level, but you have to make sure that plates and glasses are balanced properly (put 3 or 4 glasses under the bottom plate)

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