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willz29, Dec 22, 7:13am
Hi All, I am "making" a Pavlova this year for Christmas but am using the Edmonds magic egg and not making it from scratch.I've heard lots of tips and tricks for making pav ie. use a cold stainless steel bowl not a plastic one, heap the mixture in the middle of the tray - don't spread it out, make it the day before you want to eat it.Do the same rules apply for this 'cheating' method from the egg!I don't want to stuff it up - it's only my third attempt at making one and I don't want it to flop as it's the main dessert.Thanks so much, Mrs W

chickybabe4, Dec 22, 8:06am
im useless and i used the egg last year, it was amazing, seriously fool proof! i guess just making sure the utensils you use are bone dry is the only thing i would suggest, but honestly you really can't go wrong thanks to edmonds pav egg

willz29, Dec 22, 8:12am
Thanks chickybabe4, did you heap the pav on the baking sheet or spread it! So glad to hear its fool proof - I'm a big baker and love to bake but I'm not a kiwi so didn't grow up with pav, nor have I attempted it much up until now!

chickybabe4, Dec 22, 8:18am
um, i remember i attempted to trace a circle onto baking paper so it would look semi-perfect, and im pretty sure i just dolloped it in the middle, then again it was christmas last year so can't be sure sorry!

elaine231, Dec 22, 9:24am
I make pavs from scratch just use any bowl beat till stiff put on to lunchwrap in middle of tray just spread a little andbingo all done I guess your egg will be the same never used that - Good Luck - Have cheated this and brought one feeling lazy Merry Christmas

willz29, Dec 22, 6:08pm
Thanks so much for your advice! I think Ill make it tomorrow evening and see how I go! Thanks so much again, Merry Christmas :-)

jaky, Dec 22, 6:42pm
I made the one I had in my cupboard for over a year last week for my dads birthday. Everyone loved it & mum gave me a new one yesterday.a wee hint for christmas lol

willz29, Dec 22, 7:19pm
Glad to hear it went well jaky! I have my fingers crossed for mine, either way Ill have cream and strawberries to either compliment it or mask it!

babytears, Dec 22, 7:27pm
I've made it a couple of times, it is pretty simple - One recommendation though. reduce the amount of sugar - it is sickly sweet with what they suggest. I think it calls for 130g, I'd highly recommend reducing it to at least 100g.

keysie, Dec 22, 9:56pm
I still have one of these in the cupboard that i bought to make last Xmas. Might try and make it this year as well.

dbab, Dec 22, 10:48pm
Ha ha, me too. I'm going to try the roulade from Food in a Minute.

kassie48, Dec 22, 10:53pm
p.s the beaters still taste like the homemade pav when licked!

willz29, Dec 22, 11:16pm
Haha, love that I'm not the only one using one of these this year.I felt like such a cheater going through the checkout lol!

samboy, Dec 23, 12:12am
I need to make a pav for 24, when you use the "Egg" do you actually have to add eggs!If not, I will go up to supermarket and get a few, I am just a bit worried about using up 24 egg yolks and this could be a good solution.

jills3, Dec 23, 1:14am
I just bought Edmonds Egg last night,$3.99 quite agood price.You do not need eggs.All you need is Pavlova egg, 130g caster sugar, 140ml water.Serving per package 6.

boots13, Dec 23, 5:43am
the pavlova egg is awesome! foolproof and yummy!

willz29, Dec 23, 5:47am
I did want to make one myself, then thought it might be a bit too much effort so thought I'd buy a pre-made one but saw this on special for $3.99 and I couldn't resist, so much cheaper and it's still home-made but not as much effort!So glad to hear it's foolproof boots13!Sounds like there will be a lot of pav making tomorrow :-)

wonder_b, Dec 23, 8:19am
I tried to make one once and was such a disaster i didnt try again. but made one from the edmonds egg thingys, and it was perfect. Absolutely everything you need to know is on the instructions inside the egg. Honestly, if i can make one, anyone can! Merry Christmas :-)

samboy, Dec 24, 12:57am
just bought 5 of them so will be furiously beating this afternoon.

keysie, Dec 24, 2:46am
'Egg' pav has just gone into oven so fingers crossed. I usually make late Grandmother in Laws recipe which is throw everything in and beat for 12 minutes, pretty foolproof, but this was easier.

shell_belle, Dec 24, 3:51am
Mine is in the oven right now as well :-) So far so good, touch wood .

willz29, Dec 24, 8:22pm
Well I made mine last night and it looks super - I just hope it tastes as good!Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy your pav! :-)

willz29, Dec 26, 8:03am
How did everyone's 'egg' pav turn out!I have to say that ours was really good (if I do say so myself, though I take no credit as I cheated haha).I had lots of great comments about it and tbh I'd be hard pressed to buy a pre-made one or make one from scratch in the future.I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

keysie, Dec 27, 2:51am
Yes ours was great too. So easy and cheap. Don't think I will make from scratch again either.

terraalba, Dec 27, 8:22am
I looked for this 'egg' yesterday and could not find it. Where would it be in the supermarket! Maybe it was sold out.

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