Christmas cake - baking in silicone cake trays

bappy, Oct 27, 8:47pm
Many cake recipes require long hours of baking and require the baking trays to be lined with brown paper etc due to the long period of baking.Is it possible to bake christmas cakes in silicone cake trays and if so, do you ignore the lining instructions!

stevo09, Oct 27, 10:07pm
Absolutely use your silicone cake tray.I bought one especially for my xmas cake - I dont have time for all that paper, lining rubbish! Give the silicone a light spray if you have some non-stick spray on hand, otherwise done worry - trust me it wont stick - will be perfect!
Good Luck:-)

carter19, Oct 28, 3:17am
The reason for so many layers of lining on a Xmas cake is to prevent the edges from drying out over long periods of cooking. I find that it really does help.

maynard9, Oct 28, 3:33am
Even better still done in a wooden box - no hot spots and cake cooked beautifully even.

I would never go back to a 'tin' again.Have the 3 sizes.

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