Cake decorating classes anywhere in auckland!

tipsy_bl0nde, Oct 11, 5:07am
Have searched and searched and hope some one can help me.

I need a cake decorating workshop in anywhere in auckland. i am going to do with a friend who is in northshore but i am in mt wellington so if anyone can help me out that would be great.

chicco2, Oct 11, 5:14am
Don't know, sorry. But I could help if you lived in the Nelson area.
Good luck, its a great hobby.

buzzy110, Oct 11, 5:15am
You could ring up Millie's. Someone there may be able to point you in the right direction.

tipsy_bl0nde, Oct 11, 5:15am
i would just love to learn new techniques and things i am a very basic decorator but would love to learn how to use fondant and stuff. thanks though

buzzy110, Oct 11, 5:51am
I've just had a few more thoughts. Try your local Citizens Advice Bureau. the often have lots of leaflets about Community things. They may have prospectuses in continuing education of local schools. Before Govt got mean a lot of schools ran cake decorating classes.

The local library is often a mine of information and even if they lack the information, they are trained to help you find it on the net.

Ring up your local council. Often they oversee a range of educational activities.

tipsy_bl0nde, Oct 11, 5:52am
thanks buzzy :)

auntlb, Oct 11, 9:36am
If your local high schools have night classes there are sometimes cake decorating ones listed

cookessentials, Oct 11, 5:46pm
Milly's kitchen do them tipsy.They do the Wilton trained classes that a number of retailers are now doing.

craig04, Oct 12, 12:05am!section=none&regionid=allauck

Loads of options through Community Education and in all parts of Auckland, so take your pick!

tipsy_bl0nde, Oct 12, 1:53am
thank you so much craig04 that was extremely helpful :)

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