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virgo20, Sep 26, 7:08am
Hi. I'm wanting to buy one of those big sit on the bench type mixers.Saw a nice Breville today 1000w motor. There is also kitchen Aid Kenwood. I'd like to know people's thoughts or experiences with any of these.Thanks for your help.

falcon-hell, Sep 26, 8:05am
i have the breville cake mixer,i had trouble at the start with the scraper beater hitting the sides of the bowl really badly,so i rang breville and they replaced it for me,they were excellent to deal with,and i have found the cake mixer fantastic.

benphil, Sep 26, 8:21am
I have a KitchenAid and LOVE it! Admittedly I have not tried the other ones so have no comparison.the only downside of them is the accessoried are really expensive and you can't buy them online for shipping here.

rambon, Sep 26, 11:14am
Have had a Kenwood Chef for 20 years. It sits permanently on the bench, has the can opener attached, and everything still works like new. Very highly recommended.

amanda_simonp, Sep 26, 7:13pm
I recently just bought a breville one at Briscoes when they had 40% off so came down to $449.I was going to buy a Kitchen Aid for $995.My Mum thought I had more money than sense.I am so pleased I listened to her.The Kitchen Aid only have a 700watt motor and the Breville has a 1000W motor, and it also has a timing thing on it (perfect when it says mix for 10 minutes etc) also the whizz part goes right to the bottom of the bowl.I just am loving it.

eljayv, Sep 26, 7:26pm
Ibought a cake mixer about 12 months ago and it sits on bench but I hardly ever use it.I think for so many years I got used to doing things without it that unless I am making pavlova or something a bit more complex it just seems simpler and easier clean up to not bother with machine.

lyl_guy, Sep 26, 7:41pm
I won't be buying one. all my baking can be mixed with spoon/ cheap hand-held mixer. I do more 'cooking' than 'baking'.BUT I LOVE the 'look' of kitchen aid, and if I win lotto, I'll buy one, lol!I have a great kenwood processor, on the bench, and used regularly. so I'd probably go for a kenwood if needing a mixer.

carlos57, Sep 26, 8:13pm
I have an old Kenwood, and I love it :) When we were first married I bought a fairly gutless modern mixer (can't remember brand now), but the old Kenwood is way better. I had to get it fixed a few years ago (only cost about $40), and would fix it again if it needed it.

davidt4, Sep 26, 8:18pm
Kenwood Chef - the biggest model.They run for years, can be repaired, and are not as noisy as the KitchenAid.

duckmoon, Sep 26, 8:26pm
I have a 30 year old Kenwood Chef. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Purchased it second hand about 10 years ago, but have nothing to compare it too.

cookessentials, Sep 26, 8:27pm
KitchenAid in fact have a 300W motor, not a 700. The difference between these and many other machines is that it is direct drive and gear driven as opposed to belt driven machines. The older Kenwoods were ones, not so great.
Many people think that because that the KitchenAid has a 300w motor that it is not as efficient as something with 100W or more. This is quite incorrect. The 300w motor is an energy saving motor and it does not need to work as hard as the other machines that rely on 1000W plus to work efficiently. Many people who have previously had a Kenwood or other and change to a KitchenAid notice the difference immediately. It mixes far more thoroughly at some 67 points in the bowl as opposed to about 11 in other machines. The KitchenAid is hand assembled in the USA and is an all metal construction. Yes, you pay more, however, the more money than sense comment may very well bite you in the bum down the track ( I am talking about in years to come) A KitchenAid is something you buy once and you hand it on. They have been going since 1919 and were the original mixer. They are your typical work horse which is why so many professional chef's and home cooks use them.

pickles7, Sep 26, 8:32pm
Kenwood here as well. they are work horses. as .davidt4.has said they can be repaired. Between my Daughter and myself sits a spare one, lol. We intend to get ours reconditioned, but they just keep on going.

virgo20, Sep 27, 8:05am
Thank you all for your thoughts. much appreciated. happy cooking. I guess for me at the end of the day the $ will dictate!

elliehen, Sep 27, 8:24am
pickles, is this an old one like yours!

magenta, Sep 27, 8:37am
I also have an old Kenwood bought second hand over 10years ago.I find I do not use it very often preferring the wooden spoon method.It is still going strong and I always use it for pavlovas and when I make a large batch of biscuits.It cost $60 when I bought it so it has been good value for money.I had a friend who had the larger Major model in a semi-professional situation.She managed to wear out the motor on hers a few years ago and had it replaced. Machine is still going.

magenta, Sep 27, 8:38am
My machine is the same as 409558670.I would like to know about how old these are likely to be just out of curiosity.

pickles7, Sep 27, 8:45am
pickles, is this an old one like yours!

elliehen (3517 )9:24 pm, Tue 27 Sep #14

no,I guess that is a great indication of the durability of the "Kenwood" brand of mixer. I bet that still goes hard out.

glenj, Sep 27, 9:17am
magenta we purchased the same model new in 1970

bunny51, Sep 28, 10:28pm
I have a kenwood too. Gets lots of use and never had any problems with it

cookessentials, Sep 29, 12:55am
The old ones.yes and as for the noisy, you are incorrect. With KitchenAid being hand assembled, each sounds different. I have a number of people who have "converted" from a Kenwood to a KitchenAid and they cannot believe that like their kenwood, the KitchenAid does not sound like it is going to take off!

elliehen, Sep 29, 1:03am
I don't have either, but because I like the 'why' of things, I looked them up and discovered that the Kenwood was invented by a Mr Ken Wood.I wonder if the women in his life got to try out his prototypes ;)

deus701, Oct 1, 3:42am
I hate you cooke! I just bought a kitchen metallic chrome =))
I saw a Breville BM800 planetary mixer for $539 and was extremely tempted.but I remembered posts like yours and did not want to regret buying a mixer. One poster mentioned about saving up or paying a little more. Im usually quite reserved with my compliements but it is a thing of beauttyyy~~! I love the way the machine roars to life.and it fits right at home with my stainless steel bench and scales. It was a huge step for me in buying this mixer hahaha

chicco2, Oct 1, 4:39am
Good for you deus701.

deus701, Oct 1, 4:50am
thanks chicco. the buzz is gone now.
Im used to abusing hobart mixers but I think i will be a bit delicate with this one. I wonder if mixers are like cars.would they need to be 'broken in' !

cookessentials, Oct 2, 1:45am
Well, I am glad you are pleased with it. We sold eight of them last monthand we have eight extremely thrilled people using them. Becasue they are hand assembled, they will all sound different. It wont need "breaking In" it will work well from the get go. They have been around since 1919.

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