Cake recipe asks for 3 eggs - only have 2...

kazzy2, Aug 3, 9:16am
Is it possible to replace the missing egg with something please?Thank you

bunny51, Aug 3, 9:21am
I have replaced with golden syrup when I have been shot of eggs. (Not sure why but it turned out ok and everyone ate the cake.)

gaspodetwd, Aug 3, 9:33am
Add a splash of full fat milk.

chicco2, Aug 3, 9:35am
Yes, golden syrup. I have an old recipe book from the Depression years, eggs were in short supply and Golden Syrup is the substitute in cake recipes, 1 dessertspoon per egg.

kazzy2, Aug 3, 9:35am
wonderful thank you - Mr 8 turning 9 tomorrow birthday cake

kazzy2, Aug 3, 9:36am
thats an excellent tip thank you :0)

kazzy2, Aug 5, 9:15am
The golden syrup was awesome - actually my best cake ever :0)

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