Custard Cake

aly5, Aug 1, 6:59am
Has anyone made this? Richard Till noted it in the Sunday Star Times last weekend, and I have attempted a similar cake before but I can never get it right. There just never seems to be enough cake mixture for the base and to cover the custard. Has anyone got any tips on how to apply and spread the top of the cake over the custard? Or is this a cake I should just give up on?

arrowmax, Aug 2, 4:16am
Made it on Sunday night - and yes you are right - didn't appear to be enough mix and was hard to spread.That said, it was a hit and I would make again.It had a lovely light flavour and next time I make it I wont "stress" as much to get it to look "pretty!"

aly5, Aug 2, 4:19am
In the end I dotted it over the top without trying to spread it too much and just hoped for the best. It worked out ok, it seemed to just spread itself while baking. So it is an ok cake, and maybe if I were to really make it a special cake, I might just double the cake mixture so there is a decent base and top to it.

tramore, Aug 2, 4:19am
what was the recipe please? Sounds nice!

bexkee, Aug 2, 4:37am
Sounds yum. Maybe try a smaller dish?

aly5, Aug 2, 11:01am
Filling: 1/2 C milk, 1 T butter, 1.5 T sugar, 1.5 T custard powder, 1t vanilla essence, plus a little more milk to mix with custard powder to make a paste.
Heat the milk, sugar, butter in a small saucepan. Mix the custard powder to a paste with a little cold milk, then stir the custard powder into the milk, butter, and sugar mixture and bring to a simmer, stirring constantly. Add vanilla and cool.

Cake: 125g butter, 3T sugar, 1 egg, 1/4 C self raising flour, 1/4 C custard powder. Cream the butter and sugar. Add the egg and beat in well. Stir in the sifted flour and custard powder.
Grease a shallow 20cm cake tin and line with baking paper. Spread half the mixture in the tin, spreading slightly up the sies and spread the cooled custard filling over this. Cover the custard carefully with the remaining cake mixture.Bake in a preheated oven 180C for 30 mins.Ice when cool.
(Richard Till Sunday Star Times)

elliehen, Aug 2, 11:06am
Haven't made this but, like you, have made similar.I usually use one third mixture as the base and save two-thirds for the top, rather than half and half.

gjsimps, Aug 8, 4:28am
Sunday Star Timesput a correction in saying 1/4cup of self raising flour should read 3/4 cup self raising flour.

elliehen, Aug 8, 4:41am
That will help everybody, especially me - who intends to make it but hasn't got around to it!

Reminds me of the saying, in praise of procrastination, that "the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese".

meegs35, Aug 8, 7:56am
I just made one the other day after seeing the Richard Till recipe. But I decided against making his one because it just didn't sound right. I did an internet search and ended up adapting a recipe I found and changed quite a few things. I made the custard quite thick and dolloped the topping over before spreading it as best I could with a knife. I covered it with a simple vanilla glaze. So it was really good and very hard to stay away from. I did post it on my blog so if you want the address of that I can post it here.

elliehen, Aug 8, 9:03am
meegs35, can you please post your link!

meegs35, Aug 8, 11:33pm

susieq9, Aug 9, 2:31am
What a great website, and easy to get around. Good recipes. Thanks for sharing.

meegs35, Aug 9, 8:09am least you know they are tried and true recipes!

dezzie, Aug 9, 8:40pm
meegs, could you look at the chocolate gloves recipe (which sounds lovely) and put in how much yeast is in the dough please.
I've saved the site, its got wonderful recipes.

dezzie, Aug 10, 8:19pm
bump for meegs because I notice she's just posted.

elliehen, Aug 11, 12:02am
dezzie, can you ask her on her website!Might get her attention faster.

meegs35, Aug 11, 1:00am
Sorry about that! Very occasionally I miss something out so thanks a lot for letting me know. Blogger is offline for the moment so I'll edit it once its back on. However it is 5g or 1 tsp active dried yeast. I like the little sachets of yeast myself and have always had good results from these when I make bread.

vanessa, Aug 11, 1:16am
I made the custard cake this morning and was worried about the lack of cake mix. Whole cake has turned out really thin! Have yet to taste it but I think next time will double cake mix bit or at least put in another half. Will try it out on the kids after schooltoday

dezzie, Aug 11, 3:47am
Thanks meegs :)

lol elliehen, I tried that, it wouldn't actually post when I hit post, thats why I asked here, I didn't want to keep hitting it over there in case it had some kind of lag and I posted it 6 times, but I guess its because the blogger is offline.

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