Sugar/Dairy allergy bday cake ideas for 3yr old???

chan21, Jul 13, 11:18pm
My nearly 3 year old daughter has a slight dairy and sugar allergy, she can have small amounts but gets nasty eczema if we don't control it. It also looks like my 10month old also has the same :(Their birthdays are coming up next month and my 3 yr old has her heart set on a barbie cake but I have no idea how to ice it without using icing sugar or cream both of which are no good. Any ideas for icing a cake would be great as she is sooooooo excited having a barbie cake!!!

buzzy110, Jul 14, 5:12am
I've typed up and deleted a few ideas here because they are rather radical. You have set an almost impossible task. I am working on the principle that all you really require is a white, thick medium, which will hold its shape and to which you can add a bit of honey and food colouring and still taste OK to eat.

Can I ask if your daughter is allergic to all dairy or is it just milk, cheese and yoghurt while butter and cream are still OK.

margyr, Jul 14, 5:49am
I would just buy a nice barbie doll, and do a fruit platter with barbie as the centre peice.

nick2178, Jul 14, 5:55am
Make a cake how you normally to for her and cut it in to wing shapes and make barbie (Lying down) into a fairy.

chan21, Jul 14, 8:16am
All dairy but she can have small amounts, its more the sugar I'm trying to keep down as with a few nice party foods that will be enough sugar for her. Think it is impossible may just have to deal with the ezcema that follows......

chan21, Jul 14, 8:17am
Nice idea-thanks. I will have to start talking her around to this idea maybe and hide the cake book she keeps bringing to me.

chicco2, Jul 14, 10:13am
You can also get the edible images for cakes, lovely Barbie ones. Look at some auctions on here.
391326393 this one is cute. You could place it on her cake without icing it would look fine.

kinna54, Jul 14, 11:37am
Asponge type cake possibly, as only flour sugar and eggs in there, no butter or milk product. Don't know how that would go for sugar content, but not as heavy as some options. Maybea chocolate version,fill with a sugar free jam or jelly in the centre, dust the top with cocoa and sifted icing sugar, less sugar content than an iced cake. The barbie fairy cake would work with sponge cake wings dusted with sifted icing sugar, maybe suround it with little star iced cup cakes so friends have a piece of cake to take home if necessary

mijahbear, Jul 15, 1:31am
Is it only refined sugar she can't have?Is she able to tolerate natural sugars eg dates, unprocessed honey,pure maple syrup?
If she can tolerate these other things, I have lots of ideas for you.

chan21, Jul 20, 6:46am
Would love your ideas???? She can have dates and small amounts of things like honey and maple syrup. I have heard of using dates as icing but no idea how................

ange164, Jul 20, 8:36am
I am pondering how heavy in sugar a thin coating of home made marshmallow would go as an icing being as it's lots of air beaten into it. Paint the barbie picture on with fresh paintbrushes and dyes once its set?

mijahbear, Jul 20, 8:56am
Chan 21, sorry I am a bit of a novice at this forum thing - is there a way I can send you a private message or do I need to do it all through this forum?

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