Baking Soda - does leaving it out of a recipe

misty, Jun 24, 7:59am
make much difference?Wanting to make a gingerbread loaf but don't have baking soda in stock. Can I just omit it?

timetable, Jun 24, 8:00am
sorry its what makes it rise..... so is really needed.....

misty, Jun 24, 8:02am
Bummer - the recipe also has baking powder in, wouldn't that do the trick, lol?I have this craving for gingerbread loaf, haha.

petal1955, Jun 24, 9:21am
Baking aSoda makes it dark.and it leaves a horrible taste if not disolved properly inthe recipe...if the recipe has baking powder in it and plain flour.or self raising flour..I would be inclinded to leave out.....brown sugar , golden syrup/molasses.....would make it dark without having to use baking soda.

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