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cupcakes5, Jun 18, 11:06am
i would love to try and boost my likers on my page on facebook for my cake designs, if anyone is interested please take a look and please like my page if you think they are worthy =), all new likers will be much appreciated

duce3, Jun 18, 11:22am
Like.....They are great, you are so creative.

cupcakes5, Jun 18, 11:24am
aw thanks so much, i pinch a lot of ideas from google but try and change them around as much as possible to make them my own.

cottagerose, Jun 18, 11:47am
What lovely cakes.You are very talented

lx4000, Jun 18, 9:27pm
WOW your great!! Awesome!!

lost-in-oz, Jun 19, 12:39am
Your cakes are bloody awesome!

Well done to you.

books4nz, Jun 19, 7:43am
Very cool :-)

cupcakes5, Jun 19, 8:17am
hey thanks you guys, your comments are what keeps me going, awesome to see you guys join my page LOVE IT!

tapuwer, Jun 19, 8:49am
Great cakes, really like the cake made for Cruz...if only my Cruz was little but he's now a big 18 year old.

cupcakes5, Jun 19, 10:15am
tapuwer wrote:
Great cakes, really like the cake made for Cruz...if only my Cruz was little but he's now a big 18 year old.[/quo

thank you very much, and yes im sure your cruz wouldnt appreciate the farm animals theme at 18 lol, never know though i have made a farm theme for a 21st before lol

kob, Jun 19, 6:03pm
My oldest is a heavy mettaler , so would love to get a metallica cake done like that How much are they

cookessentials, Jun 19, 7:17pm
Very cute. I see you like sweet bite cakes too...they also have some great cakes.

griffo4, Jun 19, 10:18pm
Awesome you are so talented, keep it up

cupcakes5, Jun 20, 12:24am
hi ya, it all depends on size, flavour, delivery etc but they range from $75 and up,

cupcakes5, Jun 20, 12:25am
they sure do, i have a few decorators i like to follow and see their designs

tarshlove, Jun 20, 12:43am
Where are you located?

eastie3, Jun 20, 1:28am
I especially liked the ladybug cupcakes,I have a wee niece in mind, she would adore them.Good work!!

cupcakes5, Jun 20, 8:09am
i am in Whakatane BOP

iman007, Jun 20, 8:20am
hmmmm, love ya cupcakes !

jude155, Jun 20, 9:09am

cupcakes5, Jun 21, 1:48am
aw thanks so much, love to hear those comments

tarshlove, Jun 21, 1:59am
Pitty your not closer or id have got you to do my daughters bday cake for next fortnight :o)

litedelites, Jun 21, 3:50am
Cool cup cakes and cakes - if you have sky cup cake wars is good to watch

norse_westie, Jun 21, 3:57am

maximus44, Jun 21, 3:59am
Amazing talent. Well done.

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