Would anyone care to see my cake designs Page 3 / 3

cupcakes5, Jun 25, 8:27am
thank you....what about corrospondence, i know it sounds hard to do with decorating but it is really good and there's a fab tutor (wink) at Stotts

cupcakes5, Jun 27, 1:18am
4 more likers and i will hit the 200 mark, thanks fellow message boarders (recipes)

cupcakes5, Jul 13, 12:55am
thought i would give this a bump to see if there is any fresh new faces wanting to join my page

weezil, Jul 13, 3:20am
may I ask how do you get the icing on the cupcakes so smooth and plump looking?

kinna54, Jul 13, 5:08am
The jack Daniels one would definitely be a goer in this house! Have earmarked your site for future reference!.Awesome talent.

katje, Jul 13, 5:09am
so liked! Amazing!

katje, Jul 13, 5:11am

cupcakes5, Jul 13, 5:35am
hmm which ones are you refering to? some are fondant and some are buttercream, if you want a recipe im happy to give it to you

cupcakes5, Jul 13, 5:36am
ohh that was done a long time ago too so i could get that looking a lot sharper, thanks for the comments

cupcakes5, Jul 13, 5:39am
haha some of those are insane, i am always up for a challenge but i dont know about some of those, i have seen them before and the bride seem so miserable with her cake, i have actually read the article about that and several companies turned her down because of her demands being so high lol... have a look at the sumo and octopus in this lot, hopefully the link works


weezil, Jul 13, 10:24am
the ones on facebook with the squares of chocolate on top...lordy they look very morish..*wipes chin*...

chazza78, Jul 13, 10:58am
woops deleted instead of editing my shocking spelling

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