Would anyone care to see my cake designs Page 2 / 3

cookessentials, Jun 21, 4:24am
I have some fabulous ones on our "likes" page...also beautifully decorated cookies. I shall look you up on facebook and then you can see which ones we "like"

cupcakes5, Jun 21, 8:48am
ooh yes i do like that, can't say i would like fish flavoured cupcakes though lol

cupcakes5, Jun 21, 8:49am
wow i love the planet one and i even have one of their cupcake books, their cakes are so immaculate

sparkie21, Jun 21, 9:03am
beautiful well done,bea

cupcakes5, Jun 21, 9:35pm
wow loving all the brand new likers, thanks heaps for the support everyone

muppet65, Jun 21, 9:39pm
fantastic ..just liked the like button

cupcakes5, Jun 22, 12:12am
thank you muppet

jillian21, Jun 22, 1:27am
WOW love them, can i come work for you

cupcakes5, Jun 22, 6:27am
funny you say that, i am actually a cake tutor too so sure why not, i love showing people how to make them

rj5, Jun 22, 7:58am
You are extremley talented, I just liked your page as well :)

cupcakes5, Jun 22, 8:55am
YOUR AWESOME, thanks heaps

cupcakes5, Jun 23, 4:17am
just a little bump for anymore likers.....might have to do a giveaway for my new "likers" soon

cookessentials, Jun 23, 4:38am
Shame you are not down here, it is very difficult getting someone to do classes in our store.

cupcakes5, Jun 23, 4:50am
i would love to do classes, the tutoring i do is for Stotts so it's all corospondence so i don't even get to meet the people. I am wanting to do some live classes though and will be looking into it shortly, maybe i could be a travelling decorator lol

cookessentials, Jun 23, 5:00am
Now there's a thought!

babysister, Jun 23, 8:15am

cupcakes5, Jun 23, 8:51am
thanks babysister, i am determined to get to 200 likers lol so far this page has been a huge help, thanks to all you guys i should send you all a cupcake

arkle16, Jun 23, 9:12am
I consider myself a pretty good cake decorator but you are absolutely awesome!!!Hope you keep it up and make a profession out of it.You are really good.:):):)

rachbabe, Jun 23, 10:29am
Just liked your page - but really LOVE your designs! :)

cupcakes5, Jun 23, 10:57am
oh wow thank you, im 100% self taught so it's really nice to hear and i am sure you would be a fab decorator too, if i can do it anyone can

cupcakes5, Jun 23, 10:58am
aww thank you, so love to hear these comments, so far not one bad comment blimmen awesome i wish you could all come to my place and eat some cake

tw1nkle, Jun 23, 1:34pm
awwww just wonderful :) i liked you....would u be so kind as to like me...?http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sublime-Cake-Designs/106443416047701 Great to see a fellow Cake Decorator :D

cupcakes5, Jun 23, 11:19pm
of course, to be hinest i thought i was already a fan, i was looking through your cakes the other day, i went through kiwicakes and saw yours, i must not have clicked the like tab....i have now and have added your page to my create a cake page also...gorgeous cakes by the way, your edible flowers are immaculate looking im a little jealous lol

tw1nkle, Jun 24, 3:43am
haha thank you cupcakes5 (blushes)believe me i still make plenty of 'cabbages' for every rose that turns out ok!

alannah1, Jun 24, 5:51am
You are both so talented, my biggest regret in life is not learning cake decorating when I lived in Chch now I live in Blackball and not to many places to learn over here as the local polytech doesn't teach it.

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