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pickles7, May 27, 10:25pm
sooooo well done. Your mum, I can hear her cry with "joy"

fishergrl, May 27, 10:47pm
Thanks - I hope so :)

pam.delilah, May 28, 12:50am
very nice, well done. Like it, hope your mum does

lindylambchops1, May 28, 12:56am
OMG!that is fantastic awesomely beautiful!Your mum is going to be so thrilled.Happy 50th to her & well done for making such a spectacular cake!

poppysinger2, May 28, 12:56am
it looks fabulous !

fifie, May 28, 1:33am
What a beautiful cake well done you, your mum will be so proud of your effort..

clair4, May 28, 1:33am

kuaka, May 28, 2:02am

kiwitrish, May 28, 2:16am
Great job.Looks lovely.

jan.w1, May 28, 2:38am
beautiful well done .

angel361, May 28, 2:43am
Well done, what a great creation:)

calista, May 28, 5:56am
Fishergirl that is truly stunning.My mum would have loved it.

indy95, May 28, 6:01am
Well done, that is very impressive.

griffo4, May 28, 6:10am
That is so amazing well done

fishergrl, May 28, 6:48am
Thanks guys - it was a hit!!! Nothing left of it after the party (shines halo) lol
I am starting another cake tomorrow - great practice :)

korbo, May 28, 9:28am
how did you make it, i have never seen anything so brilliant in my life. did you ice the cups and saucers or what.
you are an amazing person, would love you to be my daughter.

fishergrl, May 28, 9:23pm
Aww thanks Korbo - that gave me warm fuzzies :)

I molded the cups and saucers inside real teacups i have using gumpaste after dusting the china with a liberal amount of cornflour and drying in my oven with the light and fan on only - turning every little while to make sure the gumpaste didn't stick otherwise it will break when you try and get it out. then decorated them once they dried - easy :)

lx4000, May 28, 9:49pm
WOW !!
Well done!! What an awesome cake!! Congrats on a wonderful job:)

I'm sure you all will enjoy the day:)

mber2, May 29, 12:09am
Your mum will be so proud of you, we just had a look at the teapot cake, you done very well, can hubby and i come around for a cuppa please, but only if you will use those cups
cool well done

johne21, May 29, 12:22am
A true work of art :)

korbo, May 29, 3:12am
I am still oggling over this teapot. can you explain how you did it. did you use a basin and make a cake,for the teapot and then mould the spout and handle.I would never be able to even think about making it, and just love it. have put the photo on my screen saver for now....

heidsguy, May 29, 4:02am
that is amazing, well done!

gjnalm, May 29, 5:42am
What a lucky Mum!

fishergrl, May 29, 5:57am
i started with 3 x 8in round cakes - torted them and stacked with white choc ganache. I trimmed the top layer on an angle (maybe 35 degrees) then flipped the stack.I then trimmed the top two layers on an angle to give a somewhat rounded shape.using some ganache and the trimmings i made a "spackle" type mixture which i dumped on the top of the stack and molded to be the top of the teapot.

fishergrl, May 29, 6:04am
I then did a crumb coat in ganache, let it set then applied a second coat to smooth out any lumps and bumps. At this stage it looked much like a ball.I then covered it in fondant.
the spout was molded around my teapot with gumpaste and i also shaped a handle with the gumpaste and let dry. I did use cocktail straws jammed in the handle on an angle and then removed then while it dried to act as an anchor for the handle.i attached the dry spout and handle to the cake using royal icing and propped my filled kettle against the handle to hold it in place while it dried the spout i stuck a skewer in to hold it until dry.

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