Argh no baking powder! Can I use Baking Soda?

clairbell, May 22, 10:19pm
Making muffins... TIA :)

lizab, May 22, 10:22pm
have you got any self raising flour instead

olwen, May 22, 10:22pm
You need baking soda and cream of tartar (or another acid)2 part cream of tartar to one of baking soda

clairbell, May 22, 10:22pm
Well I have flour in my flour container but cant remember if it was self raising or plain! lol

clairbell, May 22, 10:24pm
damn no cream of tartar! i might have to make a trip to the supermarket

uke17, May 22, 10:47pm
recipe on back of tin says, to make 1 tsp baking powder:
- one third tsp baking soda
- one half tsp cream of tartar
- one eighth tsp salt.
We tried this and found it rose more than the standard commercial baking powder - perhaps because it is fresher.
But it was a good substitute when we ran out of bp.

4macmonkies, May 22, 11:18pm
i really have to try that

uke17, May 22, 11:24pm
Do, and let us know your experience of it.

4macmonkies, May 24, 1:45am
ok i tried it today, and YES it works. i think maybe it worked better than "baking powder" made the best blueberry muffins :)

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