how to make a cake decoration

jo158, Mar 13, 9:33pm
i plan to make the cake then just put the happy birthday on it, what is the easiest way of making it, and how? Thanks

mikeandange, Mar 13, 9:57pm
It depends on how flash you want it to be, there is sugar icing where you can add food gel, or you can pipe it on.

trev106, Mar 14, 1:41am
If you want to be lazy - like i do sometimes or are short on time you can buy from the supermarket writing tubes there is a glitter set which looks cool for little girls or a white or dark choc fudge. they are in the baking isle beside the hundreds and thousands ect

woody1329, Mar 15, 10:29pm
If you are wanting to do the writing in coloured icing do it first in white and then if happy do over in colour Good luck

chicco2, Mar 16, 2:06am
Playdough or cookie cutter alphabet letters. Colour up some Bakels RTR white fodant or use the brown chocolate flavoured one. Roll it out on a nonstick sprayed bench and cut out the letters. TOO EASY.

cookessentials, Mar 16, 2:54am
You can also use an icing pen which makes the job super easy.

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