Cake in the oven - help???

littlelegend, Apr 15, 8:38am
Hi. Making 2 small cakes. The insides are raw but the outsides are getting too cooked. What do I do - temp up or down? Shelf in over up or down? The oven has a top/ roof element and doesn't have a fan bake option. TIA.

bullock123, Apr 15, 8:40am
Put tin foil around the edges.

littlelegend, Apr 15, 8:42am
Thanks Bullock - will try this out but the 'tin' is one piece with 2 holes for making giant cupcake top and bottoms.

bullock123, Apr 15, 8:44am
Whats the temp 180 ?

littlelegend, Apr 15, 8:48am
Yeah - turned it down to 160. From when I came on here to ask the question and went back to add foil the edges have gone quite dark. Oh well, practise cake will be eatne by husband or chickens.

bullock123, Apr 15, 8:49am
Been there done that Chickens love cake :-)

kuaka, Apr 15, 8:50am
Depending on what type of cake it is, and how badly it turns out, you can always use it as the makings of a yummy trifle.

littlelegend, Apr 15, 8:53am
Mmmm. Trifle. Great idea Kuaka!

pickles7, Apr 15, 9:06am
I would love a bun, in my oven. lol.

littlelegend, Apr 15, 9:07am
I have one of those too!

punkinthefirst, Apr 15, 8:52pm
Too late, but next time try putting a piece of baking paper over the top, and turn your oven down a bit. If you have cake tins too high in the oven they can burn round the outside and still be raw in the middle, as well.
You can use the cake remains as a basis for a pudding made like bread and butter pudding, too.

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