Anyone made Soonafai's/Celebration Chocolate Cake?

cap, Mar 11, 11:08pm
This was originally called Sonnafai's chocolate cake however it is now on the Chelsea Sugar website and called Celebration Chocolate Cake. The recipe as I copied it down years ago says 25 - 30 minutes and so does the Chelsea Sugar recipe. I haven't made it for a couple of years but it's currently baking now and I tested it at the 25 minute mark and it's super wobbly and far from cooked and now I remember that it never cooks in 25 minutes - not even close! I was wondering if anyone has made it and if you recall how long it took to cook? I have checked online and every recipe says 25 - 30 minutes and I don't see how it can be cooked in that time. I am baking it in 2 regular round tins. Am I missing something or is the recipe wrong all over the web?

cap, Mar 11, 11:27pm
Cakes are now cooked - 55 minutes after they went in to the oven.

handworx, Mar 11, 11:29pm
I remember making this once, and it NEVER cooked! ! Made it inabig Xmas type tin, cos it seemed a LOT of mix, and after 35 minutes it was still pretty runny in the middle! Wasn't fussed by the taste either! Now, I make Dana's Chocolate Cake, from Sophie Gray - perfect! ! !

cap, Mar 11, 11:39pm
I'll have to check that recipe out. Mine are definitely cooked just in twice the amount of time. I do like this cake though.

nickyd, Mar 12, 3:46am
I second Dana's chocolate cake- we never make any other now...

standard, Mar 13, 6:45pm
Can somebody list Dana's chocolate cake please, sounds great!

cap, Mar 13, 8:46pm
Standard I did find it the other day using Google. I think I just put in Sophie Gray and Dana and it came up. As for Soonafai's cake I finally got to eat a piece and OMG - FANTASTIC! I had forgotten how yummy this cake was. Well worth the 3 bowls you need to mess up to make it lol!

tinkerbell103, Mar 14, 1:47am
I have made Soonafai's cake only once... it was nice... after trying delicious... melt in your mouth chocolate cake while visiting a neighbour. . I had to get the recipe. . I only ever make that one now. . and everyone comments on how great the texture and taste is...

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