Stotts Cake Decorating and Chocolate Making Course

krazy_kat, Apr 6, 3:25am
Just wondering if anyone has done this course?I sent away for some info on it but all I got was the same info that was on the website which was disapointing.Would love feedback if anyone has done it.

krazy_kat, Apr 7, 8:26am
So I guess thats a no!Does anyone know of any other correspondence courses avalaible in cake decorating?Or anything (other than fairytale cakes) in Palmerston North?

rosathemad, Apr 7, 8:49am
There are tons of video tutorials online, which I have found useful at various times. Most of what I know I have learned from blogs, websites and online tutorials. Try Cake Central (you have to sign up but they never send you spammy emails and it doesn't cost) - or just search for something you'd like to learn on youtube, or using a google search (e.g. "how to make chocolate curls"). I hope that helps a little. :-)

kiwibubbles, Apr 7, 8:52pm
i thought of doing that course, but when I saw the price there was no flipping way!!!!!! lol - it was osmething like $700 or $800

chicco2, Apr 7, 9:30pm
There should be a Cake Decorators Guild in your area. You may be abl to express your interest in learning, if you contact them. Some are happy to share their knowledge. I would be happy to help if you lived here. I decorate with a friend, and we often hold classes. Good luck, its an awesome hobby.

prawn_whiskas, Apr 7, 9:38pm
If you are a cake freak then download the following USA TV programs (thats if you don't have sky because they are also on there!)

Ace of Cakes (2 seasons)

Cake Boss (4 Seasons)

trev106, Apr 7, 10:35pm
i didnt know there was a course thru stotts. dose seem pricey our sugarcraft guild holds classes from beginners to advanced once a week 10 weeks for $80 so deffinatly check out your local club. ill see if i can find a contact from the national magazine for you.

litedelites, Apr 7, 10:41pm
Hi How about checking out your local schools, this is where I went to a decorating class years ago in sugarcraft.Good luck. T

falcon-hell, Apr 8, 12:26am
i remember seeing the stotts advertisements on the telly and on the back of magazines years ago,did't realise they were still around,the courses used to be pretty expensive even all those years ago,i have found some awesome tips on youtube,and its free.

krazy_kat, Apr 8, 4:35am
The Stotts course is $1000-$1200 depending on how you pay.All I got was a list of the 15 "lessons" you would have but I want to know where the money is going and who the person is who is the tutor for this as there is nothing online.Have to say very disappointed with the information I received after having asked specific questions.

Only problem I have with downloading stuff is that I am on dial up.I know, I know!At the moment don't have a choice, the broadband cables ended up in the river in the flood in Sept and since they were already going to replace them, they haven't bothered repairing them.

If someone could find the decorators guild person for the area, that would be awesome!

Thanks for your help and info guys, thats totally fantastic!

chicco2, Apr 8, 7:53am
Wairarapa Cake Decorators Guild.
Red Cross Rooms, 30 Church St, Masterton. Irene O'Regan is the contact person listed. Google was my friend.

chicco2, Apr 8, 8:28am
Forgot to add they meet 2nd Sunday of the month 10am-4pm.

chicco2, Apr 8, 7:51pm
Bumping for krazy_kat.

krazy_kat, Apr 9, 2:57am
Oh sorry!Obviously I haven't changed my address on here!Is there one in Palmerston North?

chicco2, Apr 9, 7:44am
I cant find one listed for Palmy. Just Google Cake Decorators Guild NZ.
Maybe put a notice up at the supermarket saying you are interested.

nina, Apr 25, 10:50am
hey there, I have heard that in Queen Elizabeth college do the cake decorating course, thats all I heard with no further details, you might want to ask and find out more about it.
The cake decorators guild NZ doesn't have club in Palmy, or maybe we should make one?!

guest, May 6, 11:03am
I am currently doing the cake decorating course through stotts , and am dissapointed in what i actually get for my $1200 i have learnt more off of watching cake boss and ace of cakes and tutorials on utube, they didnt even supply me with the beginners decorating set like the pamphlet said, and when i asked them about it they said you dont get one but after a few words they sent me a couple of things they look like they came from the $2 shop.

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