Spagetti or Pasta Sauce recipes please!

ktrt, Mar 10, 12:21am
I was wanting a spagetti or pasta sauce recipe I could bottle or freeze to use during winter or calving time for those quick meals. Does anyone have a tasty, tried and true recipe?

cottagerose, Mar 10, 4:59am
I used to make this 30 years ago so its in the old metrics
11b spagetti
1 tsp pepper
11b onions
3 tsp salt
2lb tomatoes
4oz butter
1 cup sugar

Put tomatoes, finely chopped onions, sugar, pepper and salt in pan and cook
Add spagetti with 1 tbsp salt to tomatoes and cook 20 minutes

korbo, Oct 17, 2:46pm
i posted a thread this morning. it could be adapted for a pasta sauce, by adding more different herbs to give it the pasta flavour, like basil etc. good luck. i freeze a lot of this type of food.

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