Pasta Sauce Recipe Please

I would appreciate any recipes you have, I have the Annabel Langbein one but would prefer not to roast the vegetables. Thanks in advance

Chef_aries62, Mar 16, 11:10 pm

Having just done 20kg tomatoes using AL's recipe I have to say it is my favourite!

Chef_gayle6, Mar 16, 11:42 pm

Having made lots of pasta sauce the roasted one that caramilises the veg is by far the best IMO for tasty flavour, however sometimes when toms are ready and i'm not good i fill the slow cooker with tomatoes cut into wedges use all annabels ingredients, but add more tomato paste 1/2 cup and more garlic, and a tin of tomato puree. Cook all day half way squish down with potato masher when done puree with a stick blender adjust seasoning here if needed cool freeze in snaplock bags.

Chef_fifie, Dec 21, 8:42 am