Reciped for Pasta Sauce with lots of Tomato please

daisygirl, Feb 26, 12:21am
Have way tooo many tomatoes, would like a sauce recipe for using with pasta please, one that is tried and true and loved.

bernice1, Feb 26, 12:28am
Make a Passata, this is how I do it. Cut tomatoes in half and place into roasting dishes, sprinkle with a little olive oil, a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar, add whole peeled cloves garlic along with onions chopped into large pieces (I use red onions cos thats what we have growing in the garden), add herbs, Salt & pepper to taste. Roast in oven. I do it at around 180C for around 1 hour. Mouli - donot blend or process as this chops the seeds and makes the sauce bitter. I then freeze this ready for use as a base throughout the year.

daisygirl, Feb 26, 12:31am
Sounds nice thanks. Will go do it now.

fifie, Feb 26, 12:53am
Make this every year. Ripe tomatoes, salt/pepper, 2 cloves garlic crushed, 1 onion chopped tblspoon tomato paste, fresh chopped herbs, or parsley. For richer sauce add tin tomato puree.

Skin tomatoes chop to 1/4s and put in pot. Pre fry onion and garlic add to pot with tomato paste seasonings, add puree if using and simmer till tomatoes cooked but still little chunky bits there. Cool Add freshly chopped herbs or parsley. Put into ziplock bags and freeze.
For quickest meal cook pasta drain add a bag of this sauce heat through serve with crusty warm bread or small salad... Have a good tomato soup recipe done in crock pot for using up tomatoes if you want it...

maandpa2b, Feb 26, 2:05am
I'd just like to say "Lucky You" my tomatoes are still very green and so are my neighbours... I guess we haven't had our sunshine hours down here this year!

maandpa2b, Sep 8, 5:14pm
ps the Passata sounds fab, have copied it so I have it for the day I get too many... thanks

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