Fresh tomatoe pasta sauce??

ems5, Mar 22, 12:06am
Ok, so I am a complete novice in the kitchen, but I have heaps of very ripe tomatoes and I want to make a pasta sauce to freeze for DS who is 13mths.

Can I just chop them up, put them in a pan with some vege stock, onion, basil, mushrooms and green pepper, reduce it down and then freeze? ?

Does that sound ok? ? All the sauce recipes I can find seem so complicated? ? Anything else I should add/omit? ?

maggiez, Mar 22, 12:11am
that sounds good :) i would add some garlic and a bit of brown sugar just for added sweetness :)

ems5, Mar 22, 12:13am
Thank you, will go get too it

theanimal1, Mar 22, 1:37am
Bologanaise Sauce

1 T olive oil
2 onions, chopped
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 kg beef minced
2 x 410g cans tomatoes (or fresh tomatoes)
1. 5C water
1/2 C dry white wine(optional or use veg stock)
2T tomato paste
3 small beef stock cubes, crumbled
1t dried oregano
1/2t dried majoram leaves
1/2t sugar

Heat oil in pan, add onions and garlic, cook stirring, over a low heat fora bout 15mins or until onions are very soft. Add mince, cook, sitrring until well browned. Stir in undrained crushed toms, water, wine, paste, stock cubes, herbs and sugar. Bring to boil and simmer, uncovered for about 2 hours or until sauce is thickened; stirring occassionally. Serves 4.

dbab, Nov 21, 11:12pm
I reduce plain tomatoes and freeze in containers, then pop them out of the containers and into plastic bags. When I need them, I add different herbs and flavourings.

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