A recipe for homemade jewellery cleaner?

kinna54, Feb 25, 12:39am
Can anyone help with this. looking for an inexpensive mix to clean earrings bangles etc. Had something once that included meths, but can't seem to find it.

rainrain1, Feb 25, 12:54am
I have heard that a good old scrub with toothpaste works

cookessentials, Feb 25, 2:17am
Do not use toothpaste on precious stones as it can actually scratch them. Gold jewellery is fine in a solution of very hot water with a little Handy Andy. The hot water will loosen any dirt. Then use a soft toothbrush to gently loosen dirt and then rinse well in hot water and lay on a peper towel to dry. This is great for diamonds also. Never wet pearls and emeralds can be very volatile due to temp variations.

jag5, Feb 25, 3:58am
Whiskey is another one that cleans jewellery.But warm soapy water with a toothbrush does a good job.Meths is good for cleaning the posts on earrings to sterilise them.

kinna54, Feb 25, 4:32am
Thank you everyone. Will definitely try your advice cookessentials, and I will have to leave cleaning the pearl earrings, I have had some of this stuff packed away and it has been neglected. and jag I have whiskey as a back up.
thanks again for the help, greatly appreciated.

purplegoanna, Feb 25, 4:56am
A little ammonia, a little detergent. Don't make it too stong, cause then it smells bad. Actually, the ammonia is optional. Any decent detergent or laundry detergent, mixed up with warm to hot water in about the same ratio that you'd use for any other reasonably thorough cleaning task around the house, will work. The addition of a little ammonia will make it a better grease cutter. DONT use a toothbrush use a cloth or chamois to clean and dry the jewellery.....toothbrushes can get stuck under stones and cause them to lift earlier than normal wear & tear........window cleaner also bring stones up nice and shiny

rainrain1, Feb 25, 5:15am
with a pink toothbrush

cookessentials, Feb 25, 6:30am
A soft toothbrush is perfectly fine...I worked for a jeweller for a number of years. The ammonia too is also perfectly fine. The solution used in the sonic cleaners is similar to ammonia. Your pearls can be cleaned with a soft cloth. When wearing pearls, never sparay perfumes or hair products anywhere near them, best to do that before putting on the pearl jewellery.

jag5, Feb 25, 7:49am
As cookessentials has said, only clean your pearls with a soft cloth...they do not cleaning agents of any sort....and you risk discolouration.

spongeypud, Feb 25, 7:54am
For silver, you put some tin foil in a container and add baking soda and hot water (can't rmember if the shiney side is supposed to be up or not), and leave it for a while, my two rings that I haven't worn in years came up a treat with it.

dbab, Feb 25, 7:56am
Someone I know puts her rings and bracelets in a small container with warm water and Handy Andy, and sits and shakes the container while she watches TV. Her jewellery always looks nice and sparkly.

kinna54, Feb 25, 11:24pm
Thanks again everyone for all the advice, you have really helped. Was chosing an outfit to go to a wedding and opened my jewellery collection up, and thought ick! some of the pieces not worn in a while definitely needed attention! I did the handy andy thing, and used a chamois (and my little granddaughters soft baby toothbrush; I will buy her a new one lol) and the results are awesome. Thanks so much!

tich50, Feb 26, 12:03am
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